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The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims Bustin' Out, The Sims 2 Castaway, The Sims 2 Pets, and Urbz Sims in the City,

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Q: What are the sims games you can get on Playstation 2?
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Is there The Sims 3 for PlayStation 2?

No, only for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC. There are other games for the sims on PS2 though, for example, "The Sims 2."

Do they have a Sims 3 for PlayStation 2?

No, but they do have sims 2 on playstation 2. No new games coming out in 2010 and onwards will be made for the ps2, apart from maybe fifa 10.

Playstation 2 games the sims 2 pets?

Yes The Sims 2 Pets comes in a PS2 version of the game

Can you have kids in The Sims for PlayStation 2?

no, you can't have kids on the sims 2 for playstation.

Are there any Sim City games for the Playstation 2?

Yes there are a number of Sims PS2 games

Is the sims life storys out on PlayStation 2?

is the sims life stories on a playstation 2

Can a sims have a baby on Playstation 2?

It depends. On some games you can and on others you can't.

The Sims for the PlayStation?

You can get The Sims 2 for the playstation 2 ( not sure about 3 ) . You can buy them from game stores and supermarkets. There is The sims 2 , The sims 2 pets & the sims 2 castaway. - hope this helps x

Who thinks or knows if EA games is making Sims 3 For PlayStation 2?

no it will not be out for PS2 and is for PS3

Who knows if EA games is making Sims 3 for PlayStation 2?

I don't think so.. PlayStation 2 is a little "out dated". I think that the only consoles The Sims 3 is coming to is PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, WII and Nintendo DS.

How can you make child on The Sims for PlayStation 2?

no you can not it was not set for that but you can in sims 1 for playstation which is really stupid

Can you have stairs on sims 2 for playstation 2?


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