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Normal flora is present throughout the body and on all areas of the skin. Every body orifice (opening) contains normal flora: the mouth, ears, vagina, and rectum. E-Coli exists in the intestines. The skin contains a variety of flora that can turn into pathogens under the right conditions.

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Q: What are the sites of normal flora?
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Does usual flora mean normal flora?

Yes, usual flora, normal flora, and typical flora are all normal results.

What is the normal flora of CSF?

there ara no microbial normal flora in the csf

What does endogeneous mean?

it is the potential for the normal flora to gain access to sites that would not normally be inhibitied it is the potential for the normal flora to gain access to sites that would not normally be inhibitiedIn economics endogeneous means anything which is from within a system

Why normal flora does not make any problem?

You said that in your answer too. As the flora is normal, there is no harm

Can you prevent getting disease in normal flora?

Normal flora cannot cause a "disease". But if normal flora is disrupted it can become a pathogen and then cause infection. Some diseases, like diabetes, can disrupt normal flora and cause infection, especially yeast infections on the skin or in the vagina of women.

What type is more difficult to remove between normal flora and transient bacteria?

normal flora

What is another term for normal flora?

Normal microbiota

What is the value of skin flora?

In general, your "normal" skin flora protect you from "rogue" flora which might do you harm.

How does resident normal flora protect the body against pathogens?

how does residental normal flora protect the body against pathogens

Is virus a normal flora?


Can normal flora become opportunistic pathogens?

Yes, normal microbial flora can become virulent or pathogenic if the conditions are right. On outside of body normal flora is harmless, if it was to be ingested it would take the opportunity to do as much damage as possible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of normal flora of the vagina?

Flora exists in various parts of the human body, in both men and women. Vaginal flora, or microbiome, in normal levels has no disadvantage. It helps the vagina stay "normal", clean and healthy.