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Q: What are the sources of life skills?
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What are life skills and typeof life skills?


What are the skills that an archaeologist needs to understand the sources they find?

Well basically when they find sources,they have to understand what they are changing In history.

What is a life skill What are the 9 life skills?

life skills are skills that help you deal with situation's that can affect your health. the 9 life skills are assessing your health, making good decisions, being a wise consumer, communicating effectively, practicing wellness, setting goals, using refusal skills , coping, and evaluating media messages.

What are the skills of a heart surgeon?

life skills, singing skills, playing skills, juggling skills, hip hop dancing skills, night life skills, drinking skills, toy making skills, playing the banjo skills, piano skills, mamba skills, tango skills, pretty much whatever skill they want

What are the sources of emotions?

time and life

Who can make life skills worksheets? is a good site for life skills worksheets. Of course, it depends on what life skill like ESL and etc. This website should have nice worksheets.

What is the difference between life science and life skills?

Life science entails facts and methods living life. Life skills refers to application of these methods and interpretation of these facts in daily life.

What is the advantages of life skills?

The biggest advantage of having life skills is that they let you function as a contributing member of society.

How do you check your progress in using the nine life skills?

how do u check you progress by using the nine life skills

What is bibliographic skill?

Bibliographic skills are the skills that a researcher must possess in order to attribute, annotate, link, cross ref the various contents of his research to their originators. these skills are an inportant ingredient of any research. a correctly laid out bibliography adds content to the thesis. references from recognised sources improve credibility of the sources. Bibliography is laid out in the end of the thesis and clasified into primary, secondary, tertiary and online sources.

What kind of life skills can one learn online?

In online courses offered by many sites online, life skills can be learned. Examples are business skills, personal development, IT skills or learning a language.

Does niilm university focus on training life skills?

One part of MIILM University focuses on training for life skills.