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Q: What are the stakeholders about wearing unifoms to school?
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Did the brish had their own unifoms and guns?


How importants involvement of all stakeholders of the school programs and activities?

Stakeholders play a big role in the educational system. They are considered as the partners in the success of the school children.

Why do students wear uniforms?

students wear unifoms because of

Are school unifoms make you looks like a stranger?

It really depends on the individual person... some want to express themselves through their clothes and others really don't care.

Are students considered internal stakeholders of a school?

school children are are stakholders and people are tall and can be short.

How can schools enforce unifoms?

Schools who enforce a school uniform policy, will expect parents to agree to ensure their child wears a school uniform as part of their parental agreement between them and the school. If a parent refuses to comply, they may find that they must find a place for their child at another school.

What are the major stakeholders in a local school community and their roles?

parents students

Why do you have to wear unifoms at school?

You have to wear uniforms in school because it shows you are a part of the school and shows you are serious about education. Easy to answer! you have to wear uniforms at school because it's just the school's's been that way for...years! Often done to equalize the students...uniforms help ensure no rivalry in fashion.

Who are stakeholders in cyberbullying?

Kdis parents teachers and administration school board

Are parents the school's stakeholder?

Parents are one of a schools' stakeholders, because they have an interest in the quality and kind of education the school provides to their children. Other stakeholders include teachers, administrators, students, support staff, and members of the community at large.

What kind of unifoms did Union soldiers where in the 1860's?

They wore bright green with black strips

Why the pirates wearing Crawford uniforms?

The advantages of wearing your school uniforms are it helps maintain school discipline.