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There are no statistics, but almost all students procrastinate every now and then. Students who make a habit of putting off doing their homework develop habits that can follow then the rest of their lives.

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Q: What are the statistics of procrastination due to homework?
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What are the possibly treatments for the fear of homework?

i think this is not a fear or phobia...... It is called procrastination, and can be treated with meditation.

What is a sentence using procrastination?

I need to do my homework, but i keep procrastinating.My mom told me not to procrastinate, but I'll do it later.I wish that I knew why I always procrastinate and leave my homework until Sunday night.

How do you spell procrastination?

Procrastination is the correct spelling.

How do you use the word procrastination in a sentence?

You have a month until the essay is due, but you shouldn't procrastinate. Her usual reaction to a small problem was to procrastinate until it became completely beyond control.

Is there a difference in the calorie count for the two types of cereals statistics homework?

Yes, there is.

Statistics of overweight students due to unhealthy eating?

Yes there are statistics of overweight students due to unhealthy eating.

When is best in procrastination?

In my opinion, nothing good comes out of procrastination.

Is it correct to say date due of your homework or due date?

Due date

What is procrastination of duty?

Procrastination of duty is delay in doing something that you are supposed to do.

What is a sentence with procrastination?

Your procrastination will not get the grass cut before supper time.

What is it called when you wait the last second to do something?

its called procrastination.

Can you write a sentence using the word due?

Our homework was due today.