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I can't find a specific answer, but I am sure that such rapes are under-reported because of the inability of many such people to tell what happened to them.

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Why are mentally challenged people worthless?

Are there mentally challenged gay people?

yes, gay people can be mentally challenged, just as straight people can.

Is Homosexuality common among mentally challenged people?

No, there isn't any correlation between homosexuality and mentally challenged people.

Can mentally challenged people be in the NHL?


Why are people born mentally challenged?


How were mentally challenged people treated in the 1960s?

They were killed...

What is another word for retarded people?

They are often called mentally challenged, intellectually challenged, or people with special needs.

How were mentally challenged people treated?

They were treated terribly and had no rights...

Is mentally challenged and retarded the same?

It is the same condition but mentally challenged is a nicer way to put it. Many of these people can live good lives and accomplish much.

Did they really use mentally challenged people in the movie the ringer?

Yes, some of the actors in the movie The Ringer were mentally challenged or another form of disability such as Down Syndrome.

How do you use illiteracy in a sentence?

Mentally challenged people have alot of ILLITERACY.

How were the mentally challenged people treated during the great depression?


Were mentally challenged people drafted in the Vietnam war?

Medically exempt.

Why do people sit in the priority seat?

Because they are mentally or physically challenged.

Are people with Tourette Syndrome also mentally challenged?

No. Tourette's is a disease. Although it is a mental illness, it has nothing to do with mental retardation.

Can you love a girl?

Um, YES!! Gosh some people are mentally challenged...

Can Mentally retarded patients take Mobic?

Mobic is for arthritis and there is nothing on the Mobic website that says that mentally challenged people can not take it.

How are mentally retarded people treated today in America?

Greater strides have been taken to involve mentally challenged children and adults with others who are not mentally challenged. They are also more accepted into 'special' sports and given challenges and it seems to be working in leaps and bounds. It's getting better every day and much less stigmatism is attached to a mentally challenged child or adult.

Can you be mentally challenged and not know it?

Yes, some people can be mentally challenged and not know it and some do know they may be 'slow' and have their limitation. Just because someone may call another 'retarded' or 'stupid' does not necessarily mean it is true.

Why did Hitler kill mentally challenged people and gay people?

Because they were "impure". They clouded the perfect Aryan bloodline that he sought.

How were mentally challenged people treated in the 1950's- 60's?


Who did the Holocaust affect?

AnswerThe Holocaust affected many people; Jewish people, Jehovah's Witnesses, handicapped people, Gypsey's, mentally challenged people, and homosexuals.the Jews

What are disabled children called now?

DisabledPhysically challenged (if physically disabled)Mentally challenged (if mentally challenged)SpecialOr even better:ChildrenWhy should you treat someone differently or call them any differently just because they are disabled? They are still children, disabled or not. Societies need to "label" people is getting out of hand.

What is correct term for retarded people?

The term "retarded" has many negative connotations thus resulting in a constant change for political correctness. "Mentally handicapped" and "mentally challenged" are two substitutes for the term.

Who did Nazis murder in death camps?

The people who were murdered in the Nazi Death Camps were mainly Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, some Polish people and mentally and physically challenged people.