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What are the steps for making and airing a television show?

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If you mean in a studio, or a program of some type, read the article links. Hope this helps.

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How long was the show Sex and the City on tv?

Sex and the City is a television show that came on HBO. It started airing in 1998 and kept airing until 2004. There is a about to be another show on television based on Sex and the City. It is a prequel.

When will my babysitters a vampire start airing season 2 on tv?

The show started airing on September 21 and will be showing on tv early 2012 in Janueary...

When did the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts start airing on television?

The NBC television show named The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts started airing on television on October 31st, 1974. It stopped airing on December 7th, 1974.

What year did the television show Saved By The Bell begin airing?

The television show 'Saved by the Bell' began airing in August 1989 and continued to be a successful show up until it was discontinued in 1993. It ran for four years in succession.

When did Common Law stop airing on television?

The television show Common Law stopped airing August 2012; it began running in May of the same year, it was an American comedy show that did not have any longevity.

What year did Hannah Montana tv show started?

It Started airing in 2006.

Will TV show iCarly quit airing?

It's not scheduled to end yet.

What year did the power rangers television show began?

The Power Rangers Television Series started airing on TV in 1993.

What are the tellitubbies?

Fictional aliens on a tv show airing in the UK on BBC2 and in the US on PBS.

Will there be a season 2 of the white collar TV show?

Yes it will be airing in January of 2010.

When did Daffy Duck debut on TV?

Looney Tunes via The Bugs Bunny Show started airing on TV in 1960.

Has The Doctors tv show been cancelled fall of 2015?

No. It is still airing [as of April 2017]

What year did the tv series Pacific Blue stop airing?

The TV show Pacific Blue last aired on U.S. television in March 2000. Airing throughout its run on the USA Network, it began in 1996 and lasted four season.

How popular was the TV show Emergency?

The TV show Emergency debuted in January of 1973 and ended in September 1977. While airing, the show had a loyal audience, but never made it to the top 30.

Who are the stars of the show super natural?

jensen ackles and jared padalecki are the stars of the tv show supernatural that began airing ton 2005.

What is the television show Huckabee?

Huckabee is a television talk show airing on FOX News Channel. There is one new episode per week, and it airs on the weekend. It is hosted by Mike Huckabee.

Where can you watch Maxed Out - the TV show online?

The Maxed Out television series starring Allison Griffen is available in several online sources. Sadly the show stopped airing in 2009.

When did the original Thunder Cats tv show get released?

The original Thunder Cats TV show was released on January 23rd 1985. The show had 4 seasons and a movie in addition to an animated series airing in 2011.

What is mc hammers net worth?

He is worth about $150,000. Most of this money is from a TV show that should be airing soon.

What was the last daytime game show to ever air on TV?

"The Price Is Right". As of 2013, it is still airing on CBS.

Which tv show has the most seasons?

Meet the Press has been airing since 1947 & continues to air to this day.

Is the show Nashville still on tv?

Yes. As of January 2015, Nashiville is currently airing its third season on ABC.

When is the show JONAS airing on television?

hi:) im Whitney i work as one of the producers for JONAS the show i belive wil be airing december14th on Disney channel at 7:00/8:00 centeral i don't know... ask your grandma!!!

Why did better with you stop airing?

It stopped airing because the show was not getting enough viewers. I loved that show too and I can't believe it stopped airing. Hope this helps.

Which television network showed the Rap City show?

The American TV show Rap City aired on the Black Entertainment Television network between 1989 and 2008. It is not to be confused with RapCity, a Canadian TV program airing on the MuchMusic cable channel.