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just ask them if they want to-(no offense) but most of us guys dont like ugly chicks

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What are the two steps in making proteins?

The two steps in making proteins are Transcription and Translation

How many steps are in the process of making a painting?

There is about 4 steps to making a painting...........First, Second, Then, Finally!

When did they stop making Astro Boy?

They stopped making any Astro Boy in 2009, after the movie came out.

What are the basic steps in making a protein?

the basic steps is to brake down particles and dissolve them

What are the steps of making a dollar bill?

STEPS IN MAKING PAPER BILL litho printing intaglio printing sheet inspection numbering tenning finishing

Steps to making wheat into bread?

The basic steps in making bead are: plowing, seeding, harvesting, binding sheaves, beating the grains, winnowing, separating, grinding, sifting, kneading, baking. These are the steps listed in the making of bread according to Jewish tradition. shimsar

Steps involved in decision making process?

There are a number of steps involved in decision making process. Some of the key steps include gathering relevant information, analysis and evaluation of the information gathered and comparing the various options available before making a decision.

How can you receive a baby boy?

There is no way of making sure that you have a boy

Whats the top 10 steps of getting a boy frein?

There are many different steps to take when getting a boy friend. You should flirt and act very kind for example.

What are all the steps on how to make an origami?

it depends on what you are making.

Steps in taking a movie?

There are many steps involved in making a movie. Among the first steps, there are coming up with the concept and writing the script.

Steps and methods of making candle?

The basics steps to making a candle are to place a wick in a mold and then fill the mold with wax. When the wax cools, the candle is done and can be removed.

Explain the importance of each of the four steps in a simple decision-making model?

explain the importance of each of the four steps in a simple decision-making models?

What are the steps for talking to a boy?

Start with a smile and ask a doubt.

Amount of mortar for 10 steps?

Are you making solid steps? You will use cement - which is a combination of mortar and aggregate to make them. If you are making brick steps, you will use the mortar to hold the bricks together. Big difference so perhaps you can clarify.

What steps should be kept in mind while making house plan?

The steps up to the front door and the steps up to the back door are vital.

What are the release dates for Making the Video - 1999 Fallout Boy?

Making the Video - 1999 Fallout Boy was released on: USA: 2006

If you want to have a baby boy what is the best way to get pregnant with a boy?

There isn't a way of making yourself pregnant with a boy

Is Need for Speed The Run for Game Boy?

no they stop making game boy games

Are steps and elements the same thing?

Kinda sorta. Elements are parts of something and steps are the process of doing or making something.

What are the techniques for wig making?

The steps to making a wig are rather complex and can not be disclosed at this current moment in time. BTFO.

The process of making tapa cloth?

What are the steps to makingh tapa cloth?

What are the steps in making thesis?


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