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What are the steps in the water cycle and what happends at each step?


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What are the steps in the water cycle and what happens at each step

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1% of the Atmosphere includes water vapor, water vapor is a part of the water cycle. Water covers 71% of the earth, Hydrosphere, the water cycle includes water.Hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and biosphereapex

Before you can do this you need to understand each stage of the water cycle. A good thing to do is get a diagram of the water cycle and practice saying what happens at each stage. Then when you understand write it down.

Water gets converted into different state. It is done at each stage.

The nitrogen cycle would be more accurately described as a double cycle because it really does not follow a regular cycle pattern. It consists of multiple steps at each part.

water changes from one state to another

Its called a cycle because it has to go through steps to form the rocks or minerals. Just like a water cycle is called a water cycle because it also has to go through different stages or steps. Another reason why is because it doesn't have an end, it just keeps going round and round. They all need each other to create the other.because it just keeps on going and it doesent have a beginning it can start with any rock igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic. the rock cycle is for example an igneous can turn into a metamorphic and that rock can turn into sedimentary and then that rock turns into any of the 3 but itself of course.

Each stage of the Calvin cycle has only one carbon item. The carbon is combined with two oxygen atoms at first, then after the cycle, the carbon binds with water.

The processes evaporation , condensation, precipitation and collection make water cycle. They are connected to each other, change of state of water occurs.

each one changes deoxes's form

Each process has important role. So all the processes take place.

you cut out everything you need like clouds sun water and others then you coloror paint it the colors that its suppose to be then write each name beside it correctly and there you have your 3d water cycle

Each time the CPU executes an instruction, it takes a series of steps. The complete series of steps is called a machine cycle. A machine cycle can be divided into two smaller cycles. These are instruction cycle and execution cycle. Instruction cycle: In instruction cycle CPU takes two steps-- 1. Fetching: Before the CPU can execute an instruction, the control unit must retrieve or fetch a command or data from the computer's memory. 2. Decoding: Before a command can be executed, the control unit must decode the command into instruction set. Execution cycle: In execution cycle CPU also takes two steps-- 1. Executing: When the command is executed, the CPU carried out the instructions in order by converting them into macrocode. 2. Storing: The CPU may be required to store the result of an instruction in memory.

Most of the energy made available by the oxidative steps of the cycle is transferred as energy-rich electrons to NAD+, forming NADH.For each acetyl group that enters the citric acid cycle, three molecules of NADH are produced.

unumerate the steps of the scientific method end describe each steps

it get water by rain and food from the sun

Air, water, earth, and fire. =) no. It's actually Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Coincidentally, the cycle of reincarnation corresponds to the cycle of the seasons; each of which is affiliated with a particular nation and element; Water and Winter, Earth and Spring, Fire and Summer, Air and Autumn.

(evaporation) water becomes vapor, (condensation)vapor is still vapor, (precipitation) vapor becomes water again...

Condensation,precipitation,run off,evaporation

The water cycle figures significantly in the maintenance of life and ecosystems on Earth. Even as water in each reservoir plays an important role, the water cycle brings added significance to the presence of water on our planet. By transferring water from one reservoir to another, the water cycle purifies water, replenishes the land with freshwater, and transports minerals to different parts of the globe. It is also involved in reshaping the geological features of the Earth, through such processes as erosion and sedimentation. In addition, as the water cycle involves heat exchange, it exerts an influence on climate as well.

Plates slide past each other horizontally.

they hang out with each other but don't get babies

Buy a ice tray then put water into each hole then put it into the freezer and then water for a few hours and then ice is made.

The two main phases are the interphase and the division (mitotic phase). However, each of these contains further sub-steps.

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