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1.Go to the site

2.Click on the download button

3.Put the downloaded minecraft texture pack in to the textures folder in .minecraft

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Q: What are the steps of downloading a minecraft 1.2.3 texture pack on window xp?
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1. First, you need to find a texture pack you like. I recommend looking at the list on a topic on the Minecraft Forum. The link is under "Sources and related links" below this answer.2. When you find one you like, click [Download Texture Pack - Beta 1.3] (if that is crossed out, choose updated fan version)The next steps are a bit different from pack to pack, but it works like this on most of them.If you are using google chrome the next step is easy3. Once the file has fully downloaded, right click it and choose "Show in folder"If you're not using Google Chrome: find the Texture packs name in your download folder on your computer4. For the next step, open up Minecraft. Click mods and texturepacks, then in the bottom left it should say something along the lines of "Show texture pack folder"5. Now drag the texture back from your downloads folder to your texture pack folder.Now you can close the two folders, choose your texture pack, and enjoy your new look.

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