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Rice requires full sun, a long growing season, and lots of water to grow properly. First you will soak your seeds in water for between 12 to 24 hours. Then, you will plant the seeds in a soil which is slightly acidic and flood the soil with between 2 to 7 inches of water after you've covered them with compost to keep them down. As the seeds sprout up, you will want to think them so that the plants are around 4 inches apart. You will want to keep the water level consistent throughout the growing process. Once the plants reach about 15 inches tall, you will want to let the water drain and wait until the plants turn a golden color. Once they have turned gold, it is time to harvest them and dry them so that the hulls can be separated from the grains.

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When did the Chinese start growing rice?

The Chinese started growing rice in around 5000 BC

Who invited the rice?

Rice is not an invention. Rice is a naturally growing plant in many parts of the world.

What has the author Rice Roof written?

Rice Roof has written: 'The growing village'

Which soil is best for growing rice?


What problems are associated with growing rice?


Rice growing countries?

Japan, China

What is the main industry in Cambodia?

Growing rice

Which technique is used for growing rice?


What is the temperature required for growing rice?

Rice requires an average temperature of about 24ºC.Rice can be grown in range of 16ºC to 32ºC temperature with about 16ºC to 20ºC during the growing season and 18ºC to 32ºC at the ripening stage.

Why is central plain of luzon called the rice granary of the Philippines?

its soil is ideal for growing rice

What did Stephanie Rice what to be when she was growing up?

Stephanie rice grew up with Lot's of sports events

A common practice for growing rice in the south was to carve out a part of the mountain to form what?

A common practice for growing rice in the south was to carve out a part of the mountain to form a ledge. This way the rice could be grown in a horizontal rice paddy instead of on the side of a mountain, because rice grows in water.

Asia leads the world in the growing of what crop?


Which is the world's top rice growing country?


Where in the world do you find plantations growing rice?

In a river

Who were especially skilled at growing rice in the south?


What colonial region focused on growing tobacco and rice?

i did answer it.

What are the disadvantages of growing rice?

Hello Bro there is none

Were did Chinese grow rice?

Easily flooded flat lands, with a mediterranean climate is good for rice growing.

Why does Asia produce 90 percent of the world's rice?

Their fields and soil are the right type for growing rice

What are the steps of RICE?

rest, ice, compression, elevation

How much water to had to brown rice?

As rice needs alot of water to grow so the brown rice also take alot of water for growing and less of sun but the area in the plant where the rice is growing, is found, totally in the water and the upper side of the plant is getting the sunlight

What are the top 10 rice growing countries in the world?

To ten rice growing countries are China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, Philippines, and Brazil.

What kind of crops grow in japan?

The previous answer was totally incorrect. Japan is mostly known for growing rice. They make use of the land, even growing rice in between highways!

What is the type of soil required for growing rice?

clay soil

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