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You can purchase a kit to fix a rust spot on your vehicle from an auto parts store. You can either buy it individually or in the kit. You have to remove the rust spot by sanding it away. Be sure to cover the spot with a primer to protect the spot from becoming rusty again.

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Q: What are the steps to fixing a rusty spot on your car?
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What do you do with rusty cars?

You can either sell them for a relatively small amount of money or you can scrap them. Or, if you really like your rusty car, you can spend a bit of money on 'doing it up'. By this I mean giving it a paint job and taking real good care of it and fixing everything that needs fixing. It also depends on what car it is. If it is vinatge, 'do it up'. If it isn't, sell or scrap.

Is your car worth fixing?

You usually will want to get an estimate in order to determine if your car is worth fixing. Many times, if it is your engine, it is not going to be worth fixing.

Why does a car get rusty?

because of weathering

When parts of a car go rusty What?

It rusts

Why is is dangerous to drive a rusty car?

Rusty cars are usually a bit weaker then ones without rust. It chips of easily and so that is why a rusty car is dangerous. Especially if the main body or chassis is rusty. Weakness on the chassis mainly could be a definite killer to a car. That would mean changing the chassis. I would just get a new car by then.

Does rusty car battery cables keep car from starting?

Yes it can

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What happens when parts of a car go rusty?

It rusts

Is it useful when parts of the car starts to go rusty?


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its harmful because when metal goes rusty it looses it power and then eventually the car will fall apart.

Who is at fault if a car backs out of a spot into a car in the lane waiting for another parking spot?

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