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If your cambelt teeth have deteriorated, your engine may have been damaged internally. When the engine is operated using the starter motor then engine may not turn at all, or will turn over quicker than normal because no compression pressure is being built up. Remove the spark plugs and do a compression test, if no compression then the cylinder head may need to be removed for repair. Recommend were any doubt exists that a garage is contacted for further advice.

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Q: What are the symptoms car might need new cam belt?
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When does the timing belt on a Honda 2011 crv need replaced?

It does not have a cam belt it has a cam chain that requires no replacement.

You have BMW 316i se 1.9 petrol compact does it have cam belt or chain and when does cam belt need changing?


How often do you need to change the cam belt on a 2002 vauxhall astra?

How often do you need to change the cam belt on an Astre 1.6 club 2000 plate

When does the cam belt need changing on a ford ranger?

The cam (timing) belt should last for the life of the vehicle. A Ford Ranger has a smaller motor, that with the right care, should not have to have the cam belt changed.

When does the jeep grand Cherokee 2.7 need its cam belt changing?

pre 2001 diesels and petrol engines were chain driven... cam belt change is not an issue

When does a cam belt need changing on a Honda jazz 2006?

Never as it does not have a cam belt. The cam is driven by a chain that normally will last the life of the engine and requires no maintenance.

What mileage do you need to change a cam belt on Toyota MR2 1991?

the cam/timing belt should be replaced at least every 60,000miles

When does a cam belt on a kia sorrento need changing?

Only the 2006 and older Kia Sorento uses a cam belt and that belt MUST be changed evey 60,000 mile. 2007 and newer use a cam chain.

How often do you need to change a previa cam belt?

The belt that you refer to is a self adjusting steel belt that is inside the engine. It does not need replacement.

Do you need to remove the windscreen to change a cam belt?

Of course not.

Does the cam belt need replacing if the water pump is replaced?

no :)

How often does a cam belt need changing on a BMW 330d sport?

It does not have a cam belt. It has a chain like all bmw's which never requires changing