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its not straight

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Q: What are the symptoms of a broken crankshaft?
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Crankshaft sensor symptoms?

A bad crankshaft sensor can have several symptoms. The engine could stall, backfire, be sluggish or not run at all.

What are symptoms of a hamsters broken rib?

broken rib

What are the symptoms of a bad crankshaft sensor?

Engine cranks but doesn't start.

What do you look for in a seized engine?

Piston seized to cylinder wall Broken Crankshaft

If a pinky knuckle is broken what are the symptoms?

I'm pretty sure there are no symptoms. You will know if your pinky is broken IF....There is no swelling, no pain, and it works normally. Those are clear signs of a broken finger.

Fan blade hitting crankshaft pulley 4.0l jeep?

The crankshaft pulley has broken causing the outer ring to slide forward into the fan assy. replace your crankshaft pulley and all will be well

Symptoms of a broken leg for a cat?

There are a variety of symptoms for a broken leg in a cat. Some of these include limping, excessive crying and meowing, and irritability.

What would cause the crankshaft pulley to lock up on a Lexus gs 300?

Crankshaft pulley turns with the crank, if it won't turn at all, something internally is broken.

What happens it the crankshaft turns without the cams turning on a kia Rio?

Broken timing belt?

Can you fix a broken Nissan Sentra crankshaft pulley?

No, but it can be replaced. I would recommend taking to a professional.

Where do you find a broken rod?

Usually, part of it will still be attached to the crankshaft. Sometimes, it will be in the oil pan.

What are the symptoms of a broken heat pump on a used 1.5 rheen air conditioner?

Symptoms of a broken heat pump can vary. They can include a drop in temperature, leaks, and noises.

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