Where do you find a broken rod?

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Usually, part of it will still be attached to the crankshaft. Sometimes, it will be in the oil pan.

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Q: Where do you find a broken rod?
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How do you replace the fuel rod on Astro Knights Island?

When you find a new rod to replace the broken one, simply click on the broken one and the new one will replace it. (To get the fuel rod , see the related question.)

Is it safe to drive on a broken tie rod end?

No, if a tie rod is broken you would have no steering control.

Who was the dancer in rod Stewart broken arrow?

how old is rod stewart

How do you take the green fuel rod and drag it to the broken pipe on poptropica?

First you click on the rod and drag it into the broken part.

How can I fix a broken curtain rod?

The best way to fix it is by replacing the curtain rod itself. It's not expensive at all. You can find a step-by-step video on how to replace it yourself on the internet.

What happens if you travel with a broken tie rod?

Easy answer. You can't travel more than a few feet with a broken tie rod. A tie rod is an essential link between the steering wheel and the tire. A broken tie rod will allow the tire to steer any direction with no control by the driver. --Ken

How do you put the fuel rod in the ship in astro knights?

The new rod that is not broken will be at the bottom. Click and drag the new fuel rod on top of the of fuel rod.

Do you have to replace the engine if you break a rod in the Chrysler sebring?

Usually, yes. A broken rod normally damages the engine block making repair impossible.Usually, yes. A broken rod normally damages the engine block making repair impossible.

Where do you get the fishing rod in Pokemon emerald?

You find old rod at dewford town You find Good rod at route 118 You find Super rod At Mossdeep town in a building. (Hardest to find)

What would cause a broken connecting rod in a 2001 Chevy Cavalier?

A broken rod is usually caused by a binding problem. The piston could be stuck or the rings may be damaged.

What are the causes of a sudden massive oil leak?

A broken sump, possibly due to a broken Con-Rod.

What do you do to the spaceship broken in the mud on popropica?

You have to fix the broken pipe on the spaceship by dragging the fuel rod onto it.

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