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The Ones that come with the box for your silly bandz


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The sparkly, glow in the dark Titanic silly bandz is the rarest.

The rarest silly bandz are the dollar sign and the hedgehog. Penguins are rare too.So is the pheonix.

The rarest silly band is the dragon.

the jellyfish is the rarest silly band, I beleve.

Go too i think that's it but u can order the rarest silly bandz and there is a pic of it there

It depends on what part of the US. But the most rarest silly bandz are: Ocean/Waves, Justin Bieber Pack, Cyclopse, Glow In The Dark Microphone and the last one is Glow In The Dark Unicorn On A Rainbow. These are the most rarest silly bandz in the US.

no because there are alot of silly bandz and they are really cool

There are no rare silly bandz just custom ones .

that is the rarest silly band so that would be hard to find

- Egyptian Eye - River Phoenix - Black Apple boy and girl holding hands with a balloon I think you can get packs of rare bandz and see the rarest silly bandz at

The bands i say are popular are MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and SKILLET. the newest and rarest bandz right now are the PHAT Headz Bandz by Bebalicious Bandz.

Yes, there are some rare Silly Bandz. I have researched the rarest Silly Bandz online, and this is what I found out...The rarest Silly Bandz below are listed in order, and I have only listed the top ten...PhoenixDollar SignDragonGeckoRock HandzBaseballTree FrogMonkeyLonghornGorillaBelieve it or not, those are the rarest Silly Bandz today. If you want to know if a Silly Band you think is rare that you might or might not have is rare or not, below I have a few other rare Silly Bandz listed (not in order).Tie Dye PenguiniPodTie Dye SpiderLionTie Dye Big MonkeyActually the Phoenix is not rare, as on the silly bands website on "Create a Pack" you make a custom pack with 24 phoenix Silly Bandz.

1.Silly Bandz!! 2.Silly Bandz!! 3.Silly Bandz!! 4.Silly Bandz!! 5.Silly Bandz!! 6.Silly Bandz!! 7.Silly Bandz!! 8.Silly Bnadz!! 9.Silly Bandz!! 10.Silly Bandz!!

2-headed dragons, guess who pack, it depends

Lots of Silly Bandz are rare, including:Tye Die Silly BandzGlow in the Dark Silly BandzSparkle Silly Bandzdragon silly bandz.... and lots more

Silly Bandz are $2.99 for a regular pack of 12 Silly Bandz in a pack. Sometimes, they are $4.99 if the Silly Bandz pack has 24 Silly Bandz in the pack, if the Silly Bandz are Glow in the Dark, or if the Silly Bandz are Tie Dye.

Ido know the top rarest silly bands but I d know the rarest type of silly bands it is the very detailed dragon type the rarest silly band is the black dragon.Silly bands ar very fun to collect and traid!

the octopus with eight the PHAT HEADZ bandz the rarest silly bandzs are the tye die water bottle,tye die iPod,tye die hair brush,tye die shoe,tye die bannana,man in the chair and others but those i think are the rarest

The rarest sillybandz are the man in the rocking chair, the glittery genie, and i think the glow in the dark and glittery phoenix. Keep on rockin your sillybandz!

no. its the the blue sparkly wingless dragon. their worth about13 bands.

The best is silly bandz.This is why they are 1.silly bandz are easier to find 2.silly bandz wont break as fast as zanzi bandz 3.silly bandz have a web sight 4.they are cooler and cheaper

silly bandz, goofy bandz are just a copied idea.

Walgreens,CVS have silly bandz

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