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The three major themes of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories and poems are untimely death, insanity, and horrific gore. These themes reflect his life. Most of the women in his life died of tuberculosis, a disease where the victim coughs up blood and drowns in it. This probably caused the untimely death and gore. Poe became insane in the latter part of his life, so he got the inspiration for the theme of insanity from his own brain.

Depending on which stories and poems you are studying - mostly the umbrella themes would deal with madness of the mind or the dark side of human nature. Also, in The Cask of Amontillado he focuses on the notion of revenge (albeit, irrational). The reasoning for revenge stems from the narrator's madness.

In addition to Poe's more famous mystery, Horror and detective fiction, he wrote stories of humor, satire, fantasy and even Science Fiction.

Poe had an almost morbid fascination with insanity, death, human nature and the dual nature of almost everything. The Gothic era is a branch of Romanticism, therefore Poe's work follows the Romantic era trend of emphasizing the role of emotions in human nature, often in a dark context.

He had a really big interest in paranoia. In some of his short stories he had the main character fearing the thought of getting caught and that made them [him/her] go insane.

The significance of pain and horror.

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Q: What are the themes that dominate Edgar Allan Poe's works?
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Two works by Edgar Allan Poe are his best poem, "The Raven" and his best short story, "The Cask of Amontillado."

Why does Edgar Allan Poe use symbolism?

to add excitement to his works

What is the average cost for the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe in a set?

The book known as The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe contains all of Edgar Allan Poe's work in a single leatherbound book and costs $18 from the Barnes and Noble stores.

What is an Edgar?

An "Edgar" is the nickname for the Edgar Allan Poe Award given by the Mystery Writers of America annually for the best works of mystery in fiction, nonfiction television and movies.

What are three of Edgar Allan Poe's works?

Three of Poe's works are The Raven; The Tell-tale heart and The Cask of Amontillado.

How many sonnets did Edgar Allan Poe write?

Edgar Allan Poe was known for creating the mystery genre, and for writing works that were suspenseful and macabre. In total, Poe wrote around 68 sonnets.

What are three works by Edgar Allan Poe?

The Raven, The Masque Of The Red Death, and The Cask Of Amontillado

What are Five works from Edgar Allan Poe?

The Imp of the Perverse.The Sphinx.The Angel of the Odd.The Raven.Three Sundays in a Week.For a complete bibliography of the works of Edgar Allan Poe see the related link below.

What did Edgar Allan Poe contribute to English literature?

Edgar Allan Poe contributed much to English literature. He wrote many great works that are now considered classics and are known all over the world.

What award was named after Edgar Allan Poe?

The Edgar Allan Poe Award, commonly known now as The Edgar, is given annually by the Mystery Writers of America organization. It is given to the best mystery works not just in fiction, but also in non-fiction, television and movies.

Which works of Edgar Allan Poe were translated into french by Charles Baudelaire?

There is a website about Baudelaire and the translation of the texts of Egar Allan Poe in link. This is from a university thesis.

How did Edgar Allan Poe's bitterness toward his stepfather influence his life?

Edgar Allan Poe and his stepfather, John Allan, did not get along very well. Allan was extremely strict, and refused to pay for Poe's college tuition. He eventually ended up disowning Poe. This lead to Poe publishing his works and becoming famous.

Edgar allan poe one of the things he important works?

If you mean one of his most famous works, "The Raven" is probably the most widely recognized.

Who starred in six Roger Corman horror movies based on works by Edgar Allan Poe?

Vincent Price

How many works has Edgar Allan Poe published?

Edgar Allen Poe has published over 300 works in total. This includes 48 poems, several short stories and multiple critical studies of contemporary authors.

Name some of Edgar Allan Poe's work?

Edgar Allen Poe is famous for "The Raven", "The Tell Tale Heart", and "The Black Cat", along with many other works.

Where can you find Edgar Allan Poe poems?

In many books, there is a book called 'The Raven and Other Poems,' which contains 13 of Poe's more famous poems. There are several other anthologies including: 'The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe' and 'The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.' Also, check the link below for an online "Comprehensive Collection of E-Texts."

What writers did Edgar Allan Poe influence?

his works were so great that he inspired so many i cant even list....

What are 3 works by Edgar Allan Poe?

The Cask of Amontillado, Annabel Lee, Raven, The Bells, Masque of the Red Death

What was Edgar Allan Poe's most famous works?

The gold bug, the black cat, the tell tail heart and the raven

Name five works by Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe wrote:The Masque of the Red DeathThe Fall of the House of UsherThe Purlioned LetterThe Tell-Tale HeartThe Pit and the PendulumFive Works by Edgar Allan PoeFive works by Edgar Allan Poe are: The Raven, A Dream Within a Dream, The Bells, The Pit and the Pendulum, Annabelle Lee. Others include: Morella, Ligeia, The Fall of the House of Usher, William Wilson and The Tell-Tale Heart.

Five works by Edgar Allan Poe?

The Raven, A Dream Within a Dream, The Bells, The Pit and the Pendulum, Annabelle Lee

Which among Edgar Allan Poe's works tells about Pluto?

The Raven : "Night's Plutonian Shore" .

What are three famous works of Edgar Allan Poe?

The poem 'The Rave' and the short stories 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" are three famous works of Poe's.

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Which of the following noted American authors wrote works that supported slavery? Edgar Allan Poe