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What are the things you need to know about the architect registration exam?

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i don't know, yeah, if someone else knows it type below

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How do you know my registration no for cpt exam?

how i know the registration no

What do architects need to know to get the job?

There are three main steps in becoming an architect. First is the attainment of a professional degree in architecture. Second is work experience through an internship, and third is licensure through the passing of the Architect Registration Exam.

When is 2009 poly jamb examination?

I would like to know when is the closing date of the registration of the exam in question and also when are we writing the exam i.e. the date of the exam? Pls i don't know how soon i can get the reply, talking about the answer?

What is Equipment for architect?

i want to know the of the things which are necessary for any architect to design any plan or structure of building

Do you need math skills to become an architect?

Yes, Math is one of the most important things to know when going to be an architect, as you will need to know planar siding, angles, and many other mathematical equations to be succesful,

How does an architect use science?

They need to know a lot about physics, how to structure things about heat electricity etc. and they must know what metals are strong or weak.

How you know the registration no?

I have not got my cpt registration number.

How do you know your registration no for cpt registration?

Raju lal sharma

What is the name of the architect who designed the durham bulls statdiam?

The architect was HOK Sport, now know as Populous...

How do you pass as level law?

plan your revision timetable , revise the things that you dont know or you not sure about first then go the the things that you already know just to remind yourserlf , and the last look at the exam past papers !

The architect career requires to know English?

No, but you still need it!

What is a typical workday for an architect?

i dont know that's my question

What is the registration code for sims 2 ea games?

i don't know EA Cheat Codes or my registration and i don't know How to Join EA Online

What are some things I need to know before taking the GED test?

You should practice by taking a free practice GED exam.

What is an artist duties and responsibilities?

Well not much I know but in my guess its like painting for someone or helping a architect by decorating a building that the architect made.

What math is needed to be an architect?

To be an architect you have to know all about angles, lenghs, and ect. You have to know math in order to get the correct angle to keep the building standing. Using geometry and trig. will help alot!

What to do when you got caught cheating in an exam?

Except your punishment for being dumb and cheating when you could have learned and actually know things to have a good future.

What is antoni gaudi famous for?

He is Famous for his Architect stuff in Spain- From what I know

What type of education do architect need?

i know u have to take drafting

How was the temple of Hephaestus built?

With marble, but we do not know the architect or builders names.

In what jobs do you use perimeter or area?

I know an architect does and a pool desighner.

Was Djoser the architect of the world's first pyramid?

Djoser was the Pharaoh the name of the architect was Imhotep who was later worshipped as a god. As far we know this was the first pyramid.

Lemme know d tyba 2008 exam timetable?

Plz give me know d tyba 2008 exam timetable?

Is economics required for architecture?

An architect does not have to know a lot about economics, but there is at least some economics involved in architecture, to the extent that if someone wants to hire an architect to build something, the architect has to be able to tell the customer what it will cost to build.

How are you going to do well in computers exam?

Study the information that you need to know, and/or practice the skills that you were taught during the class in order to know what will be on the exam.