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The best three cheapest tracfone phones are the Galaxy Trac 5S, the Sprint Finder, and the First Losion. These three are the best phones for the price.

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Can Tracfone phones take pictures?

Any Tracfone phone with a camera has the ability to take pictures. Though, not all Tracfone phones have cameras.

Does tracfone phones have a keyboard?

no. They do not have keyboards.

Is a Virgin mobile phone the same as a tracfone?

The difference between Virgin Mobile and Tracfone phones is minimal. The rates are slightly higher on Virgin Mobile phones then Tracfone but the quality on both is excellent.

Where can you get no contract phones?

No contract phones can be gotten from prepaid carriers such as Tracfone and Virgin Mobile.

Can any Motorola cell use tracfone min?

No, only Motorola phones you buy from Tracfone can use their minutes.

What is the best emergency cell phone plan?

If all you want is a phone to stick in your glove compartment and use for emergencies then it's going to be the TracFone. TracFone has the cheapest yearly service and the cheapest phone. You can pick up a TracFone for $10 and then the yearly airtime will run you about $80.

Can a Net10 sim card be put in a unlocked phone?

Net10 & Tracfone lock the sims & the phones. So you couldn't even use a net10 or tracfone sim on another one of their phones.

What is the top three cheapest asterisk compatible phones?

I guess they are all very expensive..............

Where you can get cheapest mobile phones?

Tesco usually has the cheapest mobile phones hope i helped..? and ASDA!

Does it cost to put minutes on your tracfone?

yes but one of the tracfone phones give you 60 min every month!so it depends!

Save Money Today With Tracfone Phones?

Tracfone phones are prepaid cell phones that are easy to buy and add minutes to. You can buy these phones at discount stores across the country. There are different models of phones offered, so it really comes down to preference. With Tracfone phones, you purchase airtime and reload when your minutes get low. You use minutes whenever you make a call or send a text message. These are sturdy, no frills phones that meet the basic needs of a cell phone user. That is why they are popular across the country.

Where do you find cheap mobile phones?

Try Tracfone- they are very cheap.

What is the cheapest phone?

TracFonefree when you top up 4 pound on virgin :)

Will a net 10 sim card work in another net 10 phone?

No, Net10 & Tracfone lock the sims & the phones, so you can't use a net10 or tracfone sim in another one of their phones.

Do any trac phones have the capability to make a video?

Trac phone, or TracFone as they are actually known is a mobile network supplier. The phones are on a pre-pay or pay-as-you-go service. The phones ability to take video clips is dependent on the handset itself. For further detail please contact a local TracFone supplier or visit the TracFone website.

What is the cheapest type of prepaid cell phones?

TracFone and AT&T both offer prepaid cell phones for around $10. The airtime costs will vary depending on how much, or how little, you intend to use the phone. A 200 minute TracFone prepaid card costs around $40. http://www.walmart.com/browse/Cell-Phones/Prepaid-Cell-Phones/_/N-7tpbZaq90Zaqce/Ne-2p4j?pref_store=4276&tab_value=All&ic=48_0&ref=&search_sort=4&selected_items=+&depts=E

Can you use a tracfone SIM card in a sidekick phone?

No, it is not possible to use a Tracfone SIM card in a Sidekick phone. Tracfone SIM cards are specifically for the phone purchased and cannot be interchanged with other phones.

Can you use any tracfone?

No, Some phones will not get service in some areas. To see which phones are available in your area, go to Tracfone.com.

Where can I find cheap cell phones?

The cheapest cell phones can be found on a variety of auction websites suck as eBay or quibids. They are also available for pretty cheap if you purchase them with a plan from the manufacturers.

What types of pre paid phones are available by Cingular?

The types of pre paid phones that are available are phones such as Tracfone, Nextel, and Nokia cell phones. People buy minutes for these phones to use beforehand.

How much are you phones?

between $150 and $300 for all the children who want phones and parents who won give you one try a tracfone

Where might one go in Lansing Michigan to purchase Tracfone phones for personal use online?

TracFone has an official site that could help. These phones can be purchased through a variety of companies sites such as Best Buy, Walmart and Safelink Wireless.

Can you turn any phone into a tracfone?

You cannot turn any phone into a TracFone. Many cell phones are programmed to work only on certain carriers, like Verizon.

Are tracfones as good as cell phones?

I have a Tracfone and it is a good phone as long as you don't waste your minutes!

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