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Numbers, text or logical (True/False). Numbers can include dates and times, and there are many ways numbers can be formatted.

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Q: What are the three data types in Microsoft Excel?
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What are examples of types of data in Microsoft Excel?

numbers and text

Can you use data from Microsoft Excel as data to input into Microsoft Access?

Yes, data from Microsoft Excel can be imported and used by Microsoft Access.

What are three ways to align data in Microsoft Excel?

Left, centred and right.

What data types can be input into Microsoft Excel 2000 Spreadsheets?

text and numbers formatted in a variety of ways

Definition of Microsoft Excel?

microsoft excel is a spreadsheet application used for calculation and data analysis

What are the data types in Microsoft Excel?

There are lots of data types in Excel. For example: Number, Text, Date, Time, Logical. You can take Number in a broad sense or you can think of numbers in terms different data types like Percentage, Scientific Notation, Currency and others.

What are three types of data you can place in a Microsoft Excel cell?

Excel cells hold numbers and text. You can format the characters in many ways. You also can place objects and images on a worksheet, but they really do not go in the cells.

How can you exchange data between Excel and other applications that are not part of Microsoft office suit?

Microsoft Excel

What is Microsoft Excel used for in the banks?

Microsoft excel is used in Banks for filing accounts and storing data involving numerical data. Its very useful for banks..........

An example of a computerised data base?

Microsoft excel.

How do you export data from PRMS to Microsoft Excel?

You Can't

What is graph in Microsoft Excel?

A picture that represents the data

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