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Q: What are the three forces you must account for in designing your soft-landing system?
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Who is responsible in designing the accounting system?

designing of accounting system

What are the problems that system engineers face while designing a secure information system?

System engineers are constantly facing organizational structure and "security" issues when designing an information system.

Can you produce 50 watts?

The human body produces between 100 - 150 watts of heat. This is taken into account when engineers are designing a heating system for public venues

What is the role of programming language in designing and developing a system?

System Anylist

What is system of forces?

system of force is a collaction of forces

How to make a system of forces in equilibrium just by changing the angles of forces?

By the changing the angles of forces, the system of the forces will be in equilibrium.

Is responsible for designing and developing an information system?

A Systems Analyst

Construct a roadmap for designing a performance measurement system?

Executives oftentimes construct roadmaps for designing a performance measurement system. These systems provide a way of assessing employee performance and management styles.

What is rock operating system?

the operating system which is basically used for gaming and designing of the gaming is called an rock operating system

How are they related to the control system?

instrumentation helps in designing control systems

Why key performance areas and strategic control points are important to designing control system?

When designing a control system you have to focus on access. You want to limit access to information based on job titles and the need for information.

What is multimedia system architecture?

Multimedia system architecture is the designing of a system that can manipulate data. This data is in different forms such as sound, graphics and text.