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Q: What are the three groups of joints which can be used on materials?
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What are finger joints used for?

Finger joints are used for putting/gluing 2 blocks of materials together esp. wood.

Classify manufacturing industries into two groups on the basis of source of raw materials used?

classify manufacturing industries into two groups on the basis of sources of raw materials used

What three types of materials are used to make impressions?

Dental materials are examples of materials that are used to make impressions.

Why did the CA Indian groups use different materials to build there homes?

They used different materials to build there homes because ceartan groups lacked resources to build there homes

What three materials are used in a blast furnance?

the three materials used in a blast furnance are 1.iron ore 2.coal 3.limestone

Which three materials are often used for bathroom showers in luxury homes?

Marble, glass and granite are three materials often used in luxury bathroom showers.

What three types of naterials are used to make impressions?

The dental materials are examples of materials that is used to make impressions.

What materials were used to make breechclouts?

For Native Americans and other aboriginal groups, generally leather.

What are the three materials that can be used to join dowels together?


What materials are used in breast augmentations?

The particular materials used in this surgery varies from case to case. In general, the three main forms of materials are saline, silicone, and composite.

Name three sedimentary rocks used for decorative landscape or building materials?

Sedimentary rocks are often used for decorative landscapes and as building materials. Three of these include limestone, sandstone and dolomite.

What are the three categories of materials used in electronics?

insulator, conductor and semiconductor