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I'm not sure, but I know the tallest of the three is Mt. Everest.

i actually know its...

1) Everest8.848Nepal/TibetAsia

2) K-28.611PakistanAsia

3) Kanchenjunga


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What is the highest landform on earth?


What is the highest mountains on earth?

Himalayas :) :)

Which mountains are higher the rocky mountains the Appalachian mountains or the sierra Nevada mountains?

the rock mountains are the highest of the three. the second highest is the sierra nevada, third highest is the appalachian mountains

Are mountains part of the stratosphere?

No, the highest mountains on earth do not reach into the stratosphere.

Highest mountains on earth?

Himalayas (Asia)

What are the highest mountains on the surface of the Earth?


Why doesnt Antarctica have mountains?

Antarctica has mountains and is, in fact, the highest continent on earth.

Which layer contains the highest mountains and deepest oceans?

The layer on earth which contain the highest mountains and deepest oceans is the crust

What are the three highest mountains in the Philippines?

the unarian mountains and the ballark mountains and the oiniams mountain range.

What is the highest land parts of the earth?

The highest parts are mountains, valleys and even volcanoes

Where are the three highest mountains located?

mount everest

What mountains along the border of China are the highest on Earth?


What are the 3 highest mountains in wales?

three mountains in wales

Three highest mountains in the world?

The three highest mountains in the world are: 1. Mount Everest 8,848 meters 2. K2 8,611 meters 3. Kangchenjunga 8,586 meters

What are the three tallest mountains in Washington?

Mt. Rainier, Register Rock and Point Success are the three highest mountains in Washington state.

What are examples of mountains?

One of the most popular mountains is Mount Everest, it has the highest peak on the earth. The second highest mountain is Mount Saint Elias located in Canada.what are non examples of mountains

What are the three highest mountains in the world?

The three highest mountains in the world are:Mount Everest 8850m (29035ft) Nepal/ChinaQogir (K2) 8611m (28250ft) PakistanKangchenjunga 8586m (28169ft) Nepal

What mountains border Antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent -- the highest continent on earth, in fact -- and there are many mountains there. No mountains border Antarctica: it is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.

Landforms of the earth?

the three main landforms of the earth are mountains ,plateaus and plains.

What are the three largest mountains in New Zealand?

Aoraki Mt Cook is the highest, Mt Tasman is the second highest.

What is the religious importance of mountains?

In North America mountains have many important purposes. In a religious stand point it is believed that mountains are the highest point on Earth that you can get to God.

What is the highest point of elevation on the earth?

Mt. Everest. It's in the Himalaya mountains in Asia.

What are the three highest mountain ranges?

The three highest mountains are the HImalayas, the Andes and the cotière chain of the pacific 1, Himalayas 2, Karakorum 3, Hindukush

What are the highest mountains in the world?

The Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world.

What region's are the most highest mountains in?

The Himalayan Mountains are the highest!

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