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Elements are classified as set out in the Periodic Table of the elements. It is NOT clear to what "three" you are referring.

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the objective of economical in business and finance is to make financial and business forecasts basd on trends of past performance

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Rule-Based thinking is deciding what to do base on a rule that is believed should be a general principle and always followed. There is never an ethical way to rationalize ruled-based thinking. One reason is that there will never be enough rules to cover everything that anyone recognizes as an ethical situation.

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yep, there are MANY organisms that share the same kingdom what are they? Taxonomy is the science of naming and classifying organisms. Taxonomy gives scientists a standard way to fefer to species and organize the diversity of living things. Linnaean taxonomy classifries organisms basd on their physical and structural similarities. Organisms are placed into different levels in a hierarcy_ a multilevel scale in which each level is nested in the next-higher level. A group of organisms in a classification system is called a taxon (plural taxa). The basic taxon in a the Linnaean system is the species .

seal coat is washable with soap and water as a liquid but turns chemical oil base when solidified. Once product is dried it can be very difficult to remove and diesel or any other harsh chemical can be used to remove it from the skin or what ever it is that you have spilled it on. The best way to do it is to call your local seal coat company and have it done. It is cheaper in the long run and a good company won't apply the product anywhere it doesn't belong. I have used a local company in Wasilla Alaska called Stripe & Seal Inc. They were very professional and clean.

Yes. This is preferred actually. The question is, how long does the oil basd poly need to cure before this can be done. Waxes are not as good as poly for protecting a piece of furniture, but poly finishes are rough and not as shiny, so completing the job is tough...using steel wool (use wiht water and murphys oil some) (0000) then make clean. Teh apply the paste wax and buff after it becomes hazy. Do not use on water based polys!!! Most poepole say wait 30 days for the final poly coat to cure. I feel a week is fine. Many would disagree.

Comrade, you are speaking of Czar Nicholas, not Ivan the terrible! Ivan of course means John ( perhaps also in slang the mens room) There were no Johns in the last Romanov family- Czar Nicholas II, Czarina Alexandra (maiden name Von Hess ( yes, Germanic!) -Kaiser Bill an uncle- always referred to as cousin, as he was, well the basd guy in world war I! -not really an Uncle like George ( V of England) The Grand duchesses of the prime- akin to Crown Princesses, were Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and of course, Anastasia- plus Czarevich ( crown prince ) Alexis- no Johns ( Ivans) in the Romanov family-at least not the terminal one.

Yes. Many times we make estimates without math. First, the definition of the verb "to estimate" does not require mathematics (see definition from 1. to form an approximate judgment or opinion regarding the worth, amount, size, weight, etc., of; calculate approximately: to estimate the cost of a college education. 2. to form an opinion of; judge Usually, we make estimates that involve numbers, but no math is required. So I can estimate how much sugar to put in cup. I can estimate what time it is by looking at the sun. I can guess someone's weight or height, even though I haven't actually measured it. An estimate can be an opinion that has some rational basis. I can look at a painting and estimate what it might sell for, basd on my experience.

Emmanuel Wallenstein buttressed fact that the world is divided into three unequal parts, namely CORE, PERIPHERY, AND SEMI-PERIPHERY. Therefore the advantages of world economics system are more prevalence in the core region of the economy. 1. Core region of the economy solely depend on the periphery and sem-periphery which the economy tremendously transform the economy of the CORE. 2. There became increasely development of technology. 3. Development of division of labour and comparative production advantage were encouraged. 4. The world economic system benefited Western Europe more because the system help the core to develop in social human infrastructure. AFRICA. The world economic system is more less an advaantage to the region of Africa in so many ways. 1. The advent of colonialism precipitated by industrial development in Europe compell the colonies to develop educational system that would help the periphery to be liberated mindly. 2. The core region came to Africa during the quest for raw materals and discover that this part of the world Africa wre backwards in relation to understanding communication, basd on this premise schools were established in various African centres. 3. On the other hand, African region was maginalised grossly if to quatify it with what was expropriated from the region. Raw materals were exported with exchange of outrageous finished products. 4 Though schools were develop but of low standard in comparism with what were obtained in the core region . TECHNOLOGY. Globalization in Africa was a greasing lubricant that catapulted Afica to measure development in relation to communication, transportion, electicity, hospitals and industrial plants etc. There was measure of technological transfer. With technology Africa has experienced high level of capital flight transfer. No adquate technical know how. Most of industries in Africa are being managed by the core.

Pros: People don't always care that you have no idea how to get along with other peopleCon: You can remain a virgin for the same reason - behavior disorders can sometimes be impossible to live withA:There's more than just that (And even with the con about virginity, I disagree to an extent).More Pros could include (but are not limited to) our excessive use of formalities, our lack of trust of others, our honourable and honest attitude, our obedience to a higher authority, our ability to make assumption (in some cases) basd on first impressions of others.Cons could include lack of social conversation (Meh, I converse just fine as long as others speak to me first. However, if others have no interest in me then I find conversation difficult), speech difficulties and mistakes (I feel embarrassed because I stutter too often), lack of ability to realise a dangerous situation before it's too late (true, we're mistrustful and cautious. Somewhat ironically, however, if a giant metal wrecking ball were to fly towards me I wouldn't think "Oh God, move!" as much as I'd think "Is that wrecking ball coming towards me? It is? What is that wrecking ball doing flying towards me? Shouldn't it be at a demolition site?") and mistrust of those that trust you and like you completely.

First, there are two creation stories in Genesis: (1) verses 1:1 to 2:4a; (2) 2:4b to 2:22. The first of these (1:1-2:4a) is recognised by scholars as the work of the Priestly (P) source, based on a Mesopotamian myth encountered by the Jews in Babylon. So, the creation account that has the world created in six days, which every Christian learns as a child, did not even exist prior to the sixth century BCE. The second account (2:4b-2:22) predated the other in Judaism but was never considered important, except for the creation of Adam, then later Eve. A summary follows, in order to show that these are really two quite separate accounts:In Genesis 1:1 to 2:4a ( up to first sentence of 2:4) there was a pre-existing watery chaos. The ocean was already present and a wind moved across the surface. The seas rested on the dry land, which appeared on day 3 when God gathered the waters together. The order of creation was as follows:(Day 1) light [day]; (2) the firmament, which was believed to separate the waters of the heavens from the lower waters; (3) By gathering the lower waters in one place the land appeared. Grasses and trees; (4) sun; moon and stars - the lights in the firmament; (5) fish, land creatures and fowl; (6) man, both male and female. Notice that the light of day was not yet understood to have originated from the sun, although the sun was universally understood to rule the day. That is why it was possible to have grass and trees before the sun was created.Genesis 2:4b to 2:15 says that there was pre-existing dry land, but God had yet to make it rain for plants to grow. A spring arose and God took some moist clay and made Adam. After Adam, he made the creatures of earth, one by one, then finally Eve. This account could scarcely be different from the previous version.It may seem surprising that, in both creation stories, the basics were already there - the waters, the dry land, the wind and therefore the air. Many experts in Hebrew have carefully examined the texts and confirm that this is what they say. These biblical creations were not ex nihilo. And the first-century Jewish philosopher, Philo, insisted that the creation was an allegory: "To think that it means that God planted vines, or olive trees, or apple trees, or pomegranates, or any trees of such kinds, is mere incurable folly."Fragments of references to chaos-creation stories can be found in Psalms, where God defeated the many-headed Leviathan, and in Job. Job 41:25 says even the other gods (KJV: The mighty) fear Leviathan.AnswerThe story of creation sees God creating everything, and takes place over seven days. There has been some speculation as to whether or not these days actually represent years, hundreds of years or thousands of years, among other durations. The seven days of creation included the formation by God of the following things:On the first day, God created light. Prior to the creation of light there was just darkness, so there was now lightness and darkness.On the 2nd day, God created the sky and water. There was water beneath the sky, on the earth, and there was water above the sky, which is kinda like our ozone layer today.On the third day, God created the dry lands. The dry lands were named earth, and the collection of water beneath the sky on the earth was named the sea. We now have several seas of differing names.On the 4th day, God created the sun, the moons and the stars. Because the sun, the moons and the stars were now in existence, there was now night and day, years and seasons.On the fifth day, God created creatures to survive underwater and animals to survive in the air. We now know these animals and creatures as birds and fish.On the sixth day, God created the animals to fill the dry earth, including the first human man and the first human woman. Man and woman were created to look after the earth and everything on it. They were also there to bring praises and rejoicing to God.On the final and seventh day, God relaxed. He saw that all He had created was good, and blessed His works. The reasoning for why a lot of people see Sunday as the day they like to relax is because of God resting on the last day.Evolution is the opposition to creation. While creation is supernatural, evolution is basd on natural sciences...

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