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three keys to log on to the computer?

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Q: What are the three keys that you press to log on to the computer?
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What keys should you press to logoff the computer If you are using Windows 7?

Go to Windows button and a log off menu will come on the screen.

How do you crash someones skype?

Go to his computer, press "Log out".

How do you use your calculator to evaluate log 25.65?

Please note that an expression like log 25.65 is ambiguous, since no base is specified. In this case, either base 10 or base e might be assumed, depending on the context.In some calculators, especially older ones, you would press the number 25.65, then press one of the log keys. There is usually one for base 10, and one for base e. In newer calculators, you press the one of the log keys first, then the number, then something like enter.

Where is log off command?

For this site, on the left, next to where it says 'Hi ...' For a computer hold in ctrl alt delete. Then press log off?

How do you fix a computer virus if you can not log in?

go to and install it and then install spybot and do a computer scan and viruses will pop up press delete and then their gone

What do you do when your computer will not let you type?

You log out and if that does not work you press crtl-alt-delete at the same time and it should work.

How do you log out from polyvore?

We press the log out button .

How do you log out of Ninjakiwi?

Press the LOG OUT button.

How do you fix a computer that won't let you log in because every letter they type in is cap.?

Press the Caps Lock key again.

How do you go to Tamagotchi Town Hospital?

ok on your computer type tamatown v4 and on your tama go to the heart and press PC and the password is there then do it on your computer and your username it has to be a real name like Trent or grace and you log in then press hospital its so easy peasy????

How can i log in to tumblr? Press log in. I don't know what your asking for...

Where is the log button on the ti-89?

Press HOME button then Press CATALOG button Scroll down to.... log() a better way is [ diamond ] [ 7 ] this is the same as [ log() ]