What are the three kinds of radiation?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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· Alpha - a helium nucleus · Beta - a high speed electron · Gamma - an electromagnetic radiation of wavelength about 10-14 m.

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Q: What are the three kinds of radiation?
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What forms of radiation are used medically?

There are three kinds of radiation useful to medical personnel: alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

What are three kinds of heat tranfer?

Hm... maybe convection, conduction, and radiation. Conduction is transfer by touch. Convection is transfer by liquid or gas movement. Radiation is transfer by distance.

What are safety precautions for using infrared radiation?

There are many different kinds of radiation and the appropriate safety precautions are different for the different kinds. The precautions for using microwave radiation, for example are very different from the precautions for using gamma radiation, or infra red radiation.

Why is different shielding appropriate for different kinds of radiation?

The absorption of radiation is different for each shielding material and type of radiation.

What are the 3 kinds of heat transfer?

Convection, conduction, and radiation

What is radiation detected with?

Different instruments are sensitive to different kinds of radiation.

What are safety precautions when using radiation?

There are several different kinds of radiation and the appropriate precautions are different for each kind.

What are the three kinds of water?

The three kinds of water are ...icewatersteam

What are the three radiation that comes from the sun?

Ultraviolet Radiation,Visible Light,Infared Radiation

What are the three types of radioactive?

It would be "radiation", but the different kinds are: Alpha rays - a "helium core", 2 protons + 2 neutrons Beta rays - an electron/positron traveling at high speed Gamma rays - electromagnetic radiation Hope this helps

What kinds of visible radiation are included in the electromagnetic spectrum?

Visible radiation (light): 380-760 nm (or 790-400THz)

What are the three kinds of business?

Three kinds of business are:Sole properietorshipPartnershipCorporation