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Q: What are the three resources from tropical rain forests?
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What are three resources from tropical rain forests?


How many Tropical Rain forests are in Minnesota?

There are no tropical rain forests in Minnesota.

What are three major threats to the rain forests?

NATURAL FORCES, FIRE and TROPICAL STORMS (but there are many other threats to the rain forests)

What are the three major types of vegetation regions in Africa?

Tropical Rain Forests Tropical Savannas Desert

Do squirrel monkeys live in tropical rain forests?

Squirrel monkeys can live in tropical rain forests.

Do white tigers live in the tropical rain forests?

No, white tigers do not live in tropical rain forests.

How does rainfall differ between tropical rain forests and tropical seasonal forests?

tropical seasonal forests have wet season and dry season and tropical rain forests have lots of rainfall through out the year

Are there rabbits in tropical rain forests?

No, there are no rabbits in the tropical rain forest.

Does Washington state have a tropical rainforest?

No, there are no tropical rain forests in Washington State. There are, however, temperate rain forests on the Olympic Peninsula. These rain forests are cooler in temperature than the tropical forests and house different species.

Why should you not protect the tropical rainforest?

You should not protect tropical rain forests because why do we need rain forests.

Do peacocks live in tropical rain forests?

they live in hot, dry forests. not rain forests.

Is the rainfall high or low in the tropical rain forest?

Tropical rain forests are so named because of the high level of rain in these forests.

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