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Q: What are the three ways that things move in and out of the cell?
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What are three ways the cell membrane helps a cell stay balanced?

First, it controls the flow of substances into and out of the cell. Second, it protects the cell from its surroundings.Third, it supports the cell and gives it a shape.

What are two ways active transport differs from passive transport?

Active transport is when cells use energy to move things through a cell membrane.Passive transport is when the cell uses no energy to move materials.Active - Specifically uses energy and through a cell membranePassive - Specifically uses no energy and materials

What ways can cells move things by active transport?

. One method is that transport proteins in the cell membrane "pick up" molecules from outside the cell and carry them in, while using energy in the process. A second method is that the cell membrane surrounds a particle and takes it in.

Why do vesicles move around the cytoplasm?

Vesicles move around the cytoplasm so they can get needed nutrients around the cell so the cell can survive. The vesicles do this two ways, they can either be carted by special proteins called Dyein and Kinesin along the cytoskeleton, or they build up a substance called actin to a certain pressure then use it to jet around the cell.

What 3 ways can substances enter and leave a cell?

Substances can move in and out of a cell in several ways. Diffusion is when a substance will distribute itself in or out of a cell until the distribution on both sides of the cell is balanced. Active transport is when a cell transports a substance across the cell membrane that would not normally be able to pass through. Osmosis is the movement of water from areas with few dissolved dissolved substances to areas with high dissolved substances.

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Three ways that substances can move into and out of a cell?

One way is diffusion, another is osmosis and Active transport.

What are three ways that planet cells is different from an animal cells?

Three ways that a plant cell is diferent from an animal cell are a plant cell has a cell wall and a chloroplast and they have a bigger vacoule.

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