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STEP l: Set the Wheel Value- First, using the

table provided, determine the correct,4-digit, wheel

value based on the size of your tire. The wheel value

is the distance in rnillimeters per one revolution of

the wheel. Next, press and hold the left and right

button for two seconds, The preset value "2124"

should appear with the digit "4" flashing. Press the

right button to modify the digit to the correct setting.

Once correct digit is shown, press the left button to

move to the next digit. Repeat until all four digits are

set to the correct wheel value for your bike.


STEP 2: Set KM or Mile Selection-After setting the wheel value, the KtrUll selection will appear.Press the

RIGHT button t0 choose kilometer or mile selection. Press the LEFT button to confirm.

STEP 3: Set Age and Weight- After setting the KMi[rl selection, two number will appear. Enter your age as

the large number above the horizontal line. Press the RlGHT button to modify the "ones" digit to the correct setting.

Press the LEFT button to confirm. Repeat for the 'tens" digit. Enter your weight as the smaller number below the

horizontal line following the same steps.

STEP 4: Set Distance for Maintenance Reminder- After setting age and weigt{, the preset number 0f 600

km {or miles} will flash. Press the RIGHT button to select 200,400,600 or 800 km {or mile) maintenance interual,

then press the LEFT button to conflrm. When your odometer (000) reaches the selected distance interval, the

wrench icon ( / ) will flash, reminding you to service your bicycle (check tires and other parts for wear, lubricate

chain, etc. ..). Press the LEFT button to stop the wrench symbol from flashing.

STEP 5: Set the Clock- The clocK function will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold the LEFT

button for 3 seconds to get a flashing "24H symbol. Press the RIGHT button to select between 12 and 24 hour

format. Press the LEFT button to confirm. Next, the hour digit will start to flash. Use the RIGHT button to select the

hour and press the LEFT button to confirm. Repeat for minutes digits. Press the LEFT button once more to set the

clock Press the RIGHT button to enter 000 rnotle.

STEP 6: Test to Ensure Proper lnstallation- Now that the computer is programmed, insert it into the

bracket. Spin the front wheel, The speed tendency icon in the upper left corner of the screen should be turning as

the computer starts recording data (Refer to Troubleshooting in case of problems).

Road Bike

20" 1596

22" 1759

24" 1916

26" 2A73

28/700C 2124

Mountain Bike

24" ,1$ss

26" 2045

27" 2I55

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Q: What are the tire codes for the bell f20 bike computer?
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