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Q: What are the top 4 olive producing countries?
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What are the top five nuclear energy producing countries?

The top five nuclear energy producing countries (as % total) are: 1.Lithuania 2.France 3.Belgium 4.Sweden 5.Ukraine

What are the top 5 energy producing countries?


What are the top 5 coal producing states?

The top 5 coal producing countries in the world are: 1. China 2. United States 3. Australia 4. India 5. South Africa The top 5 producing states in the U.S. are: 1. Wyoming 2. West Virginia 3. Kentucky 4. Pennsylvania 5. Illinois

What are the some countries that produce oil?

the top 5 oil producing countries are... 1. Russia 2. Saudi Arabia 3. US 4. Iran 5. China

What are the top ten coconut producing countries?

1.Philippines 2.Indonesia 3.India 4.Thailand 5.Sri Lanka

What are the top petroleum producing countries?

The top ten petroleum producing countries: (As of March 2010) 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Russia 3. Iran 4. Mexico 5. China 6. Norway 7. Canada 8. Venezuela 9. United Arab Emirates 10. Kuwait

Which are the top 5 gold producing countries in Africa?

1. South Africa 2. Ghana 3. Mali 4. Tanzania 5. Guinea

What are the top leading petroleum producing countries?

the top leading petroleum producing countries ares: 1-Saudi Arabia 2-Russia 3-Iran 4-Mexico 5-China 6-Norway 7-Canada 8-Venezuela 9-United Arab Emirates 10-Kuwait 11-Nigeria 12-United Kingdom 13-Iraq

What are the top 10 countries in opec?

The top 10 oil-producing countries are: 1. Venezuela 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Canada 4. Iran 5. Iraq 6. Kuwait 7. United Arab Emirates 8. Russia 9. Libya 10. Nigeria

What are the top five wheat producing states?

the top five wheat producing states are: 1. Kansas 2. North Dakota 3. Montana 4. Oklahoma 5. Washington

Who were the Top 4 goal scoring countries in world cup?

The top 4 goal scoring countries in the world cup ,are Brazil, Italy, Germany and argentina.

What countrys does oil come from?

There are several countries that produce oil. Some of the oil producing countries are America, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, and Nigeria.