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I had to remove the last answer, because all it had was 5 gum brands. The top Chewing Gum is cobalt

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Q: What are the top selling chewing gum brands?
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What are the 5 top selling chewing gum brand in USA?

juicy fruit

What are the top selling bubble gum brands?

5 Gum, Orbit, Stride, Trident and Extra.

What food group is chewing gum in?

Chewing gum should be eaten in moderation. so it is at the top of the pyramid. It has little to no nutritional value.

Is chewing gum everlasting?

No it lasts for about 10-15 mins. top

What are the top selling vodkas in us?

The top selling brands of vodka in the US are the same top selling brands worldwide. Perhaps Americans drink too much vodka ;) The brands are Smirnoff, Absolut, and Grey Goose.

What are the top selling flashlight brands?

Some of the top selling flashlight brands include Streamlight, Rayovac, UTG, Trustfire, and Ultrafire. All of these brands have well-reviewed models of flashlights and are popular in online sales.

What are the top selling cigarette brands in America?


What are the world's top selling cigarette brands?

Malboro - Newport -

What is your top selling brand of refrigerators?

Top brands of refrigerators include General Electric and Whirlpool.

What are the top selling cookie brands?

Oreo&Chips Ahhoy

What are the 5 most popular chewing gum in US?

The top 5 most popular gum in the U.S. is Spearmint, Peppermint, Cinnomin, any fruit gum, and any kind of fancy flavors.

What is the 3 top selling brands of motorcycles in the US?

Harley, Honda and Yamaha.

What are the top selling salon brands for retail products?

Axe body wash

Top 3 best selling cell phone brands?

nokia sonyericcson lg

Best motorcycle brand?

Some of the best selling brands in 2012 are Ducati, Yamaha and Honda. These are on the top amongst the best motorcycle brands.

What are the top selling brands sold on the Kyosho website?

Kyosho, a Japanese company produces model cars, radio-controlled cars, planes, boats and helicopters. The top selling brands on their web-site are: mini-z radio-controlled series of cars.

What are the Worlds top 5 selling cigarette brands?

Marlboro Winston Camel Newport Basic

What are the top selling brands for commercial pressure cookers?

The top selling brands for commercial pressure cookers are Presto 23, Cusinart CPC-600, Fagor Futuro, Nesco 6-Liter, HSN 6Qt Electric Automatic which are the pioneers in the pressure cooker world.

How is gum good for school students?

There have been formal studies and anecdotal evidence proving that gum chewing is actually good for students. One study showed that gum-chewing increased standardized math test scores by 3% and resulted in a better final math grades. Another study found that chewing gum increased students' alertness and attention spans, resulted in a better heart rate, and improved reaction times. Classroom experiences have shown that chewing gum decreases fidgeting and increases attentiveness and concentration during even boring classroom sessions. Some teachers reported that gum-chewing students required fewer breaks, paid better attention and stayed quiet longer than those who did not. Students report that chewing gum permits them to relax and perform better on tests. The reasons for this are not certain. Some say chewing increases blood flow to the brain (one site said up to a 25% increase). Others think that just the little bit of activity can suppress fidgeting and distractions. One dentistry professor proved that chewing gum helps to release insulin into the bloodstream which affects how memory works. On top of that, chewing gum can replace the urge to eat snacks, can protect teeth and can reduce acid reflux - all which sound beneficial to anyone.

What are the major computer brands that develop top selling cases?

Toshiba has the Toshiba Elite Nylon Carrying Case.

What are the top 5 best selling jeans brands?

I believe that the top 5 bes selling jeans are Arizona, Dickies, Total girl, Justice, Circo. That is my belief well actually i just kind of named all of the brands that i have. Levi jeans, is the most popular brand worldwide.

What are the top selling shoe brands?

1. Nike 2. Jordan 3. Adidas

What is a good brand of cd changer to use with my factory stereo?

Sony and Pioneer are the top selling brands for cd changers.

What are the best selling high top running shoes so far this year?

There are no stores that advertise selling high top running shoes. Shoes geared towards running are usually not high top. The most popular running brands are Brooks, Nike and Asics.

What are the top dog food brands?

The top brands of dog food are: Pedigree, Purina One, Iams. These are the top brands, and most popular brands of dog food currently available for sale.

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