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What are the top ten beauty schools?


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  1. Aveda Institutes
  2. Empire Beauty Schools
  3. Ogle Beauty Schools
  4. Paul Mitchell Schools
  5. Regency Beauty Institute
  6. EI School of Professional Makeup-the most popular and oldest in Hollywood, CA
  7. ARROJO cosmetology, an ivy league school in New York City
  8. Elite Academy of Beauty Arts in Brooklyn, NY
  9. La James College of Cosmetology in Mason City, Iowa
  10. Milan Institute in California, Texas, and Nevada

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The top beauty & cosmetology schools are as follows: Aveda Institutes Empire Beauty Schools Olge Beauty Schools Paul Mitchell Schools Regency Beauty Institute

Jaipur Cambridge Academy is in the top ten schools of Jaipur.

Some of the top cosmetology schools in Europe are Marinello Beauty Schools, Bellus Academy, Toledo Academy of Beauty Culture, and Milady's Career Institute.

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I don't know the top ten but the largest is Pinkerton Academy in Derry NH and other large schools are in Manchester

It depends on where you live in the country, but some of the best cosmetology schools in America are Aveda Institutes, Empire Beauty Schools and Paul Mitchell Schools. All three of these offer schools across the U.S.

Metro Beauty Academy is the best by far.

i think froebel's is the best school

There are a number of excellent cosmetology schools available in the United States that offer a number of different features. What constitutes a "top cosmetology school" depends on the features that are most important to a potential cosmetology school student:- Location- Price- Accreditation- Programs offered- Flexibility of scheduling (availability of night or weekend classes)- Access to a hands-on student salon- Availability of financial aid- Job placement servicesThe best places on the web to find top cosmetology schools are and Beauty Schools Directory. Top cosmetology schools can be found when searching by location and/or program.The most popular schools, however, include Empire Beauty Schools, Regency Beauty Schools, Aveda Beauty Schools and Arrojo Cosmetology Schools. However, popularity is not necessarily the only indicator of being a "top cosmetology school."Here given below the list of Top 10 cosmetology schools in the United States:-1. Aveda Institutes2. Empire Beauty Schools3. Ogle Beauty Schools4. Paul Mitchell Schools5. Regency Beauty Institute6. EI School of Professional Makeup-the most popular and oldest in Hollywood, CA7. ARROJO cosmetology, an ivy league school in New York City8. Elite Academy of Beauty Arts in Brooklyn, NY9. La James College of Cosmetology in Mason City, Iowa10. Milan Institute in California, Texas, and Nevada

Marinello Schools of Beauty was created in 1905.

The top three beauty schools in Omaha Nebraska areÊ Xenon Academy, Capital School of Hairstyling and Esthetics andÊ Capital Beauty School Inc. They can be contacted via (402) 393-2933,(402)333-3329 and (402)333-3329 respectively.

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There isn't really a top 10 when it comes to modeling schools but the most well known are John Casablancas and Barbizon.

haverford is better academicly and atleticly wise.

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I cannot distinguish the top ten in South Africa.All I know is, is that Grey College has had the position of the Best School in South Africa.

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1) in London Berrymede Junior school came first

You can search to find a beauty school. Beauty Schools Directory can help you find and receive more information about beauty schools in your local area.

New york Central High college of sport and physical studies is top

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