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Q: What are the two broad categories of events causing page fault?
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Can Pedestrians be legally at fault for causing a crash?

Pedestrians can be legally at fault for causing a crash

Who is at fault if you get rear ended causing you to hit the wall then another car?

The driver who rear ended you is at fault.

How are strike-slip mountains formed?

Strike-slip mountains, also known as fault-block mountains, form from high to moderate angle faults on at least one side. Broad uplifting forms the mountains causing elongation and faulting.

What is the name of the force that is causing movement at the this fault?

The force that is causing movement at this fault is called tectonic force. These forces are generated by the movement and interaction of the Earth's tectonic plates.

How are fault lines important to fault block mountains?

Fault-block mountains form because of fault-lines. One side of a fault pushes over the other, causing blocks of rock to rise from the surface.

Why are there more volcanoes in southern California?

There is a fault line near San Fransisco, therefore causing volcanoes. Magma from inside the Earth pushes up along the fault zone, causing volcanoes.

Can you Make a sentence with a word fault?

The mechanic discovered a fault in the car's engine, causing it to malfunction.

What is falting rock?

Faulting is caused by stress in the rock layers, the stress can break and crack the rock causing a fault. There are two types of faults a normal fault and a reverse fault.

What is causing Renault laguna 1.8 16v misfire?

The coil common fault

Which type of fault occurs between two sections of crust that are moving away from each other causing tensional stress?

Normal fault

Who is at fault if something falls out of a vehicle and it is hit by the driver behind causing damage?

the driver behind is not at fault as the in front should be liable as he was negligent

A farmer allows his cow to wander on a road causing a car accident who is at fault?

The driver would be at fault as they are responsible to be aware at all times.