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An "acceptable theory" is both 1. unproven in the complete sense of the word and yet- 2. yeilds the same results time after time Do not confuse this word with hypothesis or hunch when speaking science. "I have a theory that Jennifer Aniston will remarry" is not a valid sentence! You have a hunch, but not a theory.

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Q: What are the two characteristics of an acceptable theory?
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Acceptable, Timely, Cost-effective

Why is the deluge fossil formation theory the most scientifically acceptable theory for fossilization?


How would you prove that a certain theory is not acceptable?

By performing experiments whose goal is to prove that such theory is a mistaken theory.

What is the base of lamarck theory?

The two concepts of the inheritance of acquired characteristics plus use and disuse of traits.

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Was lamarck's theory accepted or rejected?

His theory of use and disuse was rejected.

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Theory of Evolution by Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics?

This is the theory of Lamarck and it is long refuted.

Whose theory of evolution conflict with Darwin's theory of evolution?

Lamark's theory perhaps. Acquired characteristics clash with heredity.

What are the differences of evolution and theory of evolution?

Larmark's theory was based on the idea that organisms inherited characteristics that they had acquired in life - so, if you have a scar your offspring will have scars. Darwin's theory assumed that offspring inherited characteristics from their parents, but they were more likely to survive to breed if there was advantage to those characteristics.

What are the characteristics of a sociological theory?

The characteristics of a sociological theory will vary a bit depending on the study. However, the primary characteristics of all theories are methodology, general sociological orientations, and post factum sociological interpretations.