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Q: What are the two common uses of chloride?
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What common uses does sodium have?

The most common use is in table salt (sodium chloride).

What are common salts and their uses?

NaCl - Sodium Chloride - table salt

What are some common uses for sodium?

salt=sodium+chloride. Pardon me if i spelled it wrong

What are two common salts?

Two common salts are sodium chloride and magnesium sulfate heptahydrate.

What are the common uses of each of the chemicals sodium chloride ammonium chloride and calcium chloride?

Ammonium chloride is used in fertilizers, calcium chloride is used in many things such as keeping things dry or hard, and sodium chloride is table salt.

What are some common uses of cesium chloride?

Some common uses of caesium chloride are to raise the PH levels of tumor cells in order to slow down the growth of cancer. It is also used on patients who have undergone extensive chemotherapy and radiation to reduce the spreading.

What are 2 common uses for sodium chloride?

In food or cooking and as deicer on traffic roads and airport runways

What is the common name and uses of NaCl chemistry subjecct?

Its NaCl2, called sodium chloride, It is simply common table salt which is used with food.

Name two common salts?

sodium chloride sodium fluoride

The two most common ions found in ocean water are --?

chloride and sodium

What is californium chloride used for?

Californium chloride has not uses now.

Common name for a polymer of vinyl chloride?

The common name of polyvinyl chloride is PVC.