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two highest paying jobs are being a lawyer and a president

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the two highest paying jobs in Sydney are the metallurgical engineers and the girls who work in the xxx business

Machinery and manufacturing jobs are the highest paying jobs in the Ontario area. Medical positions in the area of chemotherapy and weight loss surgeries have increased over the past ten years and the pay grade had increased 7% for those two fields.

Women did way more than two jobs during WWII. They did all the housework, the jobs usually held by men and also military work.

In the war two things that women did were farmers and worked in large factories.

76% women pay child support for two kids. 0ne kid the percentage is 91% About 10% of the child support obligors are women.

Whether it's part-time or full-time, the best paying jobs are those requiring professional or technical training. Nursing, dental hygiene and IT are a few examples of jobs that can often be worked half- or three-quarter time and that earn a better-than-average hourly wage. The highest-paying part-time jobs usually require specialized training, are very dangerous, or both. Sales reps in certain industries, like pharmaceuticals, are very highly paid. Computer support specialists are paid well. Professional nannies make quite good money, and although these aren't really considered part time, the hours are scheduled around the family's activities, such as school. Oil rig workers make good money, and usually work two weeks on then have two weeks off, so that could be considered part time.

I don't know, I'm trying to figure out the same answer.

One result of the end of WWII was its negative effect on the female workforce. Male soldiers returning to the U.S. after the war sought work in factories and farms, where women had been working during the war. Employers, perhaps operating under the sexist notion that men were superior to women, fired their female employees and hired men in their place. Thus working women, who had enthusiastically stepped into the breach to take on essential jobs during the war while men went off to fight, were stripped of their relatively high-paying duties. Their options were to become or go back to being homemakers, or take on low-paying jobs traditionally associated with women, such as teaching, nursing, housekeeping and clerical work. But American women remembered the pride and satisfaction that the "forbidden" jobs had brought them. Two to three decades later, during the Feminist Movement, women would rise to challenge antiquated assuptions about a woman's place in the workforce and society. Now there are women in the highest ranks of industry, finance, politics and other fields that were formerly off limits, thanks in part to the working spirit that was awakened in them during WWII...and the crushing blow that came afterwards.

women had to get two jobs to support their families.. - apex by brenda...

Here's how I found top paying jobs in my area... If you have no experience and looking for the best and high paying jobs without college and with no experience, check out It should give you leads to find "jobs in my area". Don't be discouraged. You should also find out what a POSS Test is. It is one way to get considered for high paying jobs in my area that don't require a college degree. I know someone who got hired for high paying jobs in my area with no college degree. He started by asking someone who works in the field of power plant jobs, and it just so happens that power plant are experiencing a worker shortage because many older employees are nearing their retirement years. Try doing a google search for: "high paying jobs in my area". It is known that utility companies usually pay well. Some electric power companies offer jobs for teens that pay over $25 per hour. And that's with no college degree!! Most jobs in other industries don't even pay that much. It is also known that baby-boomers are creating a worker shortage because they are forced to retire from their high paying jobs. Workers above 55 years old make up a high percentage of the workforce within the utility companies, and because of old age they are being forced out of the job market. So add those two facts together (utility companies pay well + older employees at utility companies are retiring) = high paying jobs in my area! Do some research and concentrate on one area. Don't just apply for any job. Focus on the utility companies and specifically on high paying power plant jobs without college. Go to your local electric company. Do a search for POSS Test. Think positive. People are finding good paying jobs in my area, and you can find them in your area, too.

Based on the yearly salary that athletes get paid by, baseball is the highest paying sport. If you mean by the amount of games played, than football.According to Forbes magazine the two highest paid athletes in 2004 were golfer Tiger Woods and race car driver Michael Schumacher. But the two highest paying sports were baseball and basketball.In other people's opinions:OK, now break it down. How many games do they play in baseball (way too many!) and in football (16 unless you make it to the playoffs). I would have to say football is the highest paying sport.BaseballOne only needs to look at Team Payrolls/Number of Players to realise that Basketball is the highest paying team sportI think that Texas hold em is the highest paying sport if we consider how much in prize money is awarded how often. Also I know no sporting prize bigger than 12 million which was won in the 2006 World Series (8 million in 2007). Consider interned tournaments and I think that poker would be bigger than Tennis and Golf.

The highest paying jobs in ancient Rome were those of the generals. They received the most loot from their conquests and most of them returned/retired from the military as very wealthy men. Julius Caesar and Pompey are two examples. Hi Franary! I'd add Crassus too. He was a wealthy landowner before his military career. How much an emperor collected I have no clue.

The nursing field only requires a minimum of two years for a RN position.

Again, as you may know, women weren't entitled to many jobs or services back in the day. Up until a decade or two ago, women couldn't serve. In WW2, American women spies were a bit more entitled than their German counterparts. In Germany, women were made to be in the kitchen. Americans harnessed that surprise factor.

Their two jobs were exploring and discovering

the two main jobs are eating and reproduction.

two jobs of the heart are Ventriloquist and clown

umm... jobs for men!!?? mabie Carpintry or is it spelled carpindry!! (Constuction Workers) and ummm....Working in the Mens Hokey League!! sorry my spellings realli bad!!

One of the largest changes I know of was women in the workforce. Before WWII, most women stayed in the home and didn't have outside jobs, but while their husbands were gone to fight the war, many women had to find jobs to support themselves and their family. After the war ended, many women chose to continue working because they liked the independence and of course, the money.

You might find one or two dead-end jobs paying minimum wage -- if you're lucky. Remember, we are in the middle of an economic downturn. Lots of people have been laid off. Others have lost their jobs completely. Many people are desperate for jobs. This is a very good time to stay in school, study hard, and get a good education. If you do, you'll be in a much better position to land a good-paying job once the economy recovers.

Yes, many people have two jobs. Not as many people have two occupations though.

No, he has had children with two different women, one of whom sued him in a paternity suit. He claimed that he didn't have a relationship with her, but the court found out he did. So, he likes gettin it on with women. Sorry to disappoint you.

The two main jobs of a plant are to grow and reproduce.

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