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two highest paying jobs are being a lawyer and a president

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Q: What are the two highest paying jobs for women?
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What are the highest paying jobs in Sydney Australia?

the two highest paying jobs in Sydney are the metallurgical engineers and the girls who work in the xxx business

What are the highest paying jobs in Ontario?

Machinery and manufacturing jobs are the highest paying jobs in the Ontario area. Medical positions in the area of chemotherapy and weight loss surgeries have increased over the past ten years and the pay grade had increased 7% for those two fields.

What two jobs did the women do in World War 2?

Women did way more than two jobs during WWII. They did all the housework, the jobs usually held by men and also military work.

What were the jobs that women had to do during World War 2?

In the war two things that women did were farmers and worked in large factories.

Percentage of women paying child support?

76% women pay child support for two kids. 0ne kid the percentage is 91% About 10% of the child support obligors are women.

What two inventions created more jobs for women?

I don't know, I'm trying to figure out the same answer.

What are some of the highest-paying part-time jobs?

Whether it's part-time or full-time, the best paying jobs are those requiring professional or technical training. Nursing, dental hygiene and IT are a few examples of jobs that can often be worked half- or three-quarter time and that earn a better-than-average hourly wage. The highest-paying part-time jobs usually require specialized training, are very dangerous, or both. Sales reps in certain industries, like pharmaceuticals, are very highly paid. Computer support specialists are paid well. Professional nannies make quite good money, and although these aren't really considered part time, the hours are scheduled around the family's activities, such as school. Oil rig workers make good money, and usually work two weeks on then have two weeks off, so that could be considered part time.

What caused the baby boom after World War II?

women had to get two jobs to support their families.. - apex by brenda...

Describe two changes in women's roles in the workplace?

wider range of available jobs,more equal status

What is the highest paying sport?

Based on the yearly salary that athletes get paid by, baseball is the highest paying sport. If you mean by the amount of games played, than football.According to Forbes magazine the two highest paid athletes in 2004 were golfer Tiger Woods and race car driver Michael Schumacher. But the two highest paying sports were baseball and basketball.In other people's opinions:OK, now break it down. How many games do they play in baseball (way too many!) and in football (16 unless you make it to the playoffs). I would have to say football is the highest paying sport.BaseballOne only needs to look at Team Payrolls/Number of Players to realise that Basketball is the highest paying team sportI think that Texas hold em is the highest paying sport if we consider how much in prize money is awarded how often. Also I know no sporting prize bigger than 12 million which was won in the 2006 World Series (8 million in 2007). Consider interned tournaments and I think that poker would be bigger than Tennis and Golf.

When a job application asks your reason for leaving and you left for a better paying job for two of your jobs listed what is the best way to answer?

Tell them that you left for more responsibility

What are some good paying jobs one can get without going to college to long?

The nursing field only requires a minimum of two years for a RN position.

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