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red and blue

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blue and red

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Q: What are the two main colors in Haiti' flag?
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What are the main two colors in Hatti's flag?

Red and yellow

What are the main colours on the Israel flag?

The main colors of the Israel flag are blue and white. There are two horizontal bands with a blue star of David in the center. The colors blue and white were taken from the colors of the Jewish prayer shawl.

What are the colors on the Haiti flag?

The Haitian flag consists of two horizontal bands: blue on top and red below. There is a coat of arms in the center featuring a palm tree, capped by a red and blue "bonnet rouge" (Phrygian cap).

What does the flag of haiti look like?

The flag of Haiti consists of two horizontal stripes: blue on top and red on the bottom. In the middle is a white panel featuring the country's coat of arms, which includes a palm tree and a cap of liberty. The flag was adopted in 1986.

What colors are in the Greece flag?

The Greek flag has two main colors - white and blue. The flag consists of nine horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white. Historically, the shade of blue used in the flag has varied between light blue and dark blue.

What is the color of the flag of Haiti?

The flag of Haiti is two horizontal bars, the top one red and the bottom one blue, with the Haitian crest in the center.

What colours and type of leaf appear on the flag of Canada?

On the flag of Canada, there are only two colors, the two colors are red, and white. The leaf in the middle of the Canadian flag is a maple leaf, which on the flag is the color red.

What two colors are on the canadian flag?

Red and white

What two colors are in the Japanese flag?

White and red.

Name the two colors on the Canadian flag?

Red and white.

How many colors in the flag of finland?

Two: blue and white.

What are the two colors in the flag of china?

the great wall of china