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Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese

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Q: What are the two main two chinese languages?
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What are 2 main Chinese languages?

Cantonese and Mandarin.

What does common languages mean?

main languages e.g. english, chinese, french etc.

What are Canada's two main languages?

English and French are the two main languages of Canada.

Is mandarin and Chinese China's main languages?

Mandarin is spoken over 70% of Chinese people, and Chinese is not a language.

What are the two main languages in the us other than English?

Spanish and Chinese are the two mailanguages spoken by the poeple of US other than English.

What are the main two main languages spoken in South America and why do we still speak these two main languages today?

The two main languages spoken are Spanish and Portuguese and we continue to speak them because over the years they have become our native languages.

What are the three main languages in south Asia?

Chinese, Japanese, and English

What are the top three languages in the world?

the three main top languages in the world are English Chinese and Spanish in that order.

How many Chinese languages are there?

There is a total of 29 Chinese languages.

What languages do Chinese people speak except for Chinese?

They speak many, but here are the main languages: Mongol, Tibetan, Chinese, and Manchurian

Is Chinese important?

A person that knows two languages is twice as important.

Can I learn two languages Chinese and spanish at the same time?

hi, Chinese and spanish are two totally different languages. they can be learnt together, but the possibility of getting confused with the pronunciations and words are always there.

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