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Hypovolemic Shock and Septic Shock

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Q: What are the two most important causes of death in burn patients?
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What is a major concern for burn patient?

One of the leading causes of death in burn patients is overwhelming infection. If a patient has a 3rd degree burn, the skin is sterile for the first 24 hours because the heat has sterilized the skin. After that, it is extremely open for infection.

Overwhelming infection is one of the most important causes of death in burn patients what is the other major problem they face and what are its possible consequences?

dehydration. losing too much fluid through the spots where the skin has been burned off can kill the victim too.

What is reverse isolation?

It for burn patients transplant and chemotherapy patients.

Number of burn patients in US per year?

Every year, nearly 1.25 million burn patients are treated in the United States.

What type of heat causes a burn?

The type of heat that causes a burn is gas!

What is a Major problem burn patients face?


Why is the earth's position in the solar system so important for life?

It's important because if we were around neptune or pluto's position we would freeze to death and if we were close to mercury we would burn to death!! hope that helped.

What can casuse a thermal burn?

heat causes a thermal burn

What are the importance of the rule of nines in the treatment of burn patients?

The importance of the "rule of nines" in treatment of burn patients is that it allows estimation of the extent of burns so fluid volume replacement can be calculated accurately.

One complication that pediatric burn patients are especially susceptible to is?


What are the major problems burn patients face?

skin cancer, overwhelming

What percentage of burn patients who die have an associated inhalation injury?