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The 2 most powerful forces are. 1. Ozone layer2. Global warming.

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Q: What are the two most powerful forces control the global weather?
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Global warming and its influence on the weather?

Global warming has a major influence on the weather. Specifically, it can make the weather far more severe than usual, causing extensive rainfall and more powerful hurricanes.

How can we prevent la Nina?

We cannot. La Niña is a naturally ocurring global weather event that is far beyond our control. We cannot control the weather.

What might be one reason scientists have been able to predict the weather more acurately as computers have grown more powerful?

more powerful computers can analyze global weather patterns in more detail

Active forces of weather ice water and gravity greatly influence the what processes?

global warming and the oceanic currents

How is global weather monitored?

Global weather is monitored by using a thermometer and the barometer

What are some forces that affect trading in global markets?

the forces that affect trading in global markets are sociocultural forces, economic and financial forces, legal and regulatory forces, and physical and environmental forces.

Weather satellites provide information about the global weather systems on what?

Weather satellite provide information about the global weather system on Earth.

What are the steps to control global warming at global level?

We can control global warming at global level bstop cutting trees .!

Where can one get global weather forecasts?

The following websites provide global weather forecasts for free: World Weather Online, CNN, BBC, International Weather, weather-forecast and worldweather.

Why were their no bad disasters in the world before Adam and eve sinned?

Because the global garden of Eden had complete weather control.

Does global warming explain freak weather?

The connection between freak weather and global warming. Freak weather has always happened by chance. However if the number of freak weather events continues to increase, it seems probable that the increase is caused by global warming.

What is the channel for weather?

the channel for weather is global

How does the ozone layer affect the weather?

Ozone layer causes global warming. This global warming causes weather changes.

What is geographical weather?

Geographical weather is the same as weather, but on a global scale (not local or regional)

What major forces impact electra or any other global producers in trading in global markets?

Dealing with differences in sociocultural forces 2) economic and financial forces 3) legal and regulatory forces 4) physical and environmental forces

Does global warming cause farming?

Farming contributes to global warming for several reasons, but global warming does not cause farming. Global warming causes difficulties for farmers, because it increases instability in the weather, meaning that weather is less predictable and there are more floods, droughts, and other weather extremes.

Where did global warming affect?

3 weather danages as a result of global warming

Do global winds cause cold weather?

Yes they do, warm weather also.

What forces have contributed to the growth of the global economy?

i wish i knew the answer to this

How does climate and weather affect global warming?

Climate and weather does not affect global warming. The other way round is true, global warming will affect the climate. See the related question below.

How could weather changes slow down the effects of global warming?

They can't, as weather changes (or climate changes, actually) are the result of global warming.

What is one of the downsides of increasing economic interdependence-?

One of the downsides of increasing economic interdependence is that such countries become subject to global market forces and lose control over the national economy.

How does the ozone affect the weather?

Ozone causes global warming. It then increases the temperature changing the weather.

What might be one reason scientist have been able to predict the weater more accuratly as computers become more powerfull?

More powerful computers can analyze global weather patterns in more detail

Where are the ozone layer and weather found?

global warming