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temperature and altitude

This will really help anyone that is on the unit test study guide at a christian school in hazeldell. from Austin Texas

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Q: What are the two things that classify an air mass?
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What are the two characteristics of an air mass that you need to know in order to classify. It?

Moisture and Temperature

What two things define an air mass?

temperature and altitude

What two things did artisole classify things as?

genus and species

Who was the first scientist to classify living things into two main groups?

Over 2000 years ago, a Greek scientist named Aristrotle(AIR uh staht ul) was one of the first people to classify living things.

What two things affect the dew point of a mass of of air?

dew point makes the air heavier! :) :) :) :) :);)

What term would you use to classify the two substances of how their atomic mass and atomic number?

They are isotopes.

When a warm air mass collides with a cold air mass what is the border between the two air mass is called?

The location where two different air masses meet is called a front.

A two word name used to classify living things is?

genus apecies

A two-word name used to classify living things is?

A Living Organism.

What two things can classify rocks and soil?

My dick of corse I mean are you stupid

What can you use to classify things as to how closely related they are?

check for things that the two have in common like the color of their eyes or hair.

How does a cool dry air mass modify into a warm moist air mass?

It doesn't they both are two completely different things, and they don't transform into one and other. The scientific names for air mass's descriptions are: Cool = Polar Warm = Maritime Dry = Continental Moist = Oceanic