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What are the two types of literature?

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19th century British literature.

American literature. The Greek epic. The short story. I note that the question refers to the two types. The usual way of classifying literature as two types (and no more) is prose and verse.

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What are the two main types literature?

oral literature and literature

2 general types of literature?

The two types of literature are poetry and prose.

Different types of romanticism in literature?

Gothic Romanticism and Traditional Romanticism are two types of Romanticism in literature.

General types of literature?

The two main classes of literature are prose and poetry.

What are the two general types of Philippine literature?

novels and epicsThe two types of which are poetry and prose

What are some different types of writing For example poems essays and letters?

Types of Literature Literature falls into two major types that are written and oral literature. Oral literature includes ballads, myth, jokes, folktales and fables; whereas written source has drama, novel, poetry and nonfictional literature. Have a look at different types of literature.

What are two main types of literature?

Story Writing. And Poetry.

What are the types of modern literature?

what are the types modern literature

What are the 2 branches of literature?

There are many different types of branches of literature. Two branches of genre in literature can include fiction and non-fiction.

What were the two main types of literature Shakespeare published?

Plays and Sonnets.

What two types of essays have a thesis?

response to literature and something else.

Give and explain the types of literature?

give the types of literature and explain.?

What are the two general types of literature?

Structurally, literature can be classified as either prose or poetry. Thematically, it consists of fiction and non-fiction.

Different types of literature?

There are a wide variety of types of literature. These types of literature include fiction, non-fiction, biography, historical, as well as mystery.

What are the divisions of literature and types of literature?

oral or spoken literature and written or printed literature

Types of literature and their meaning?

the meaning is in the literature. read.

What are two types of early Greek literature?

In his Poetics, Aristotle discusses Epic and Tragic poetry.

What are the different types of literature?

Written literatureOral litterature

A narrative poem blends elements of two main types of literature What are they?

A narrative (fiction usually) and poetry.

What are the two braches of literature?

what are the two branches of literature

What separates native American literature from other types of literature?


Identify the types and subtypes of literature?

the subtypes of literature is *drama *poetry

What are the types of autobiography in English?

There are two types of biographical literature. The first are autobiographies, which are self-authored. Biographies on the other hand, are written by another person(s).

The extent of the teaching of children literature in school?

The extent of the teaching of children literature in school.what is children literature?, the values of children literature & the types of children literature.

What are the types of literature?

oral and written