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There are two TYPES of primary colours, subtractive and addative. The primary subtractive colours are red yellow and blue. These occur when you mix paint to get different colours such as red and yellow to get orange. This happens because red paint reflects red light and absorbs all the other colours but doesn't absorb all of the orange reflecting just some. The yellow paint absorbs all the others but reflects all of the yellow and some orange and green. When red and yellow paints are mixed, the red paint absorbs the yellow and the yellow paint absorbs the red so the only colour still reflected is orange. The primary addative colours are like those on a computer monitor and are red, green and blue. These involves producing colours and not just reflecting them. To get the other colours like yellow each pixel on a monitor shines brightly in red and green and produces the same appearance to your eyes as yellow paint would.

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Q: What are the type of primary light colors?
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How are the secondary colors of light related to the primary colors?

Because there would be no secondary colors without primary colors mixing together.

What are the primary colors and the feelings associated with them?

The primary colors of light- Red Blue Green The primary colors of paint- Red Blue Yellow Light Green/Pastel Green is supposed to be relaxing calming Bright red/Orange- pressure/stress/ heightened senses

What are real colors?

The real colors are called the primary colors.The primary colors are... yellow,blue,and red.They are the main colors.You use them to. mix colors <><><><><> Yellow, blue, and red are the primary colors of paint, on an absorptive scale. Mixed together they form black. Green, blue, and red, however, are the primary colors of light, on an emissive scale. Mixed together they form white.

What are the 3 primary colors of light and all the colors of the rainbow?

The 3 primary colors of light are Red Blue GreenThe secondary colors are Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta The "primary colors" are red, blue, and green. Combining these colors can create any color or shade of light, and they are represented in video displays by individual color dots within each display pixel.The "primary colors of light" refer to the "colors of the rainbow", or spectrum, which are the individual wavelength ranges present in visible light.Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet (mnemonic acronym ROY G BIV ) (note indigo is not considered a scientific solitary color anymore, demoted kind of like the dwarf planet Pluto)In "subtractive coloration", dye colors are used that absorb one or more wavelengths of light, causing the reflected light to appear as a given color. These absorptive dyes are the colors cyan (bluish), magenta (reddish), and yellow. Along with black, they are ink colors in computer printing. (mnemonic CMYK for cyan, yellow, magenta, black)(* See the related question "what are the primary colors")FYI- The 3 Primary colors of PAINT- what we draw/color with are different-They are red, blue and yellow

What are the primary colors of the rainbow?

the primary colors of the rainbow are red blue and yellow