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What are the types of Optical Mark Reader?


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OMR or optical mark reader integrates optical technology and electronics to do data inputs hundred times faster than manual entry methods and is extensively used in multiple choice examinations ,statistics,data input etc

The OMR types depends on

1.The accuracy needed

eg;In case of a question with four options out of which one is to be made black using pencil, if an option is more than 75% blackened ,modern OMRs will read it while first generation OMRs wont.

2.The cost

3.The security and anti tampering of data

The main parts include an OMR scanner and an OMR sheet printer and a data entry and transfer software.

There are mainly 3 types of OMRs.




Different compnaies like NANHAO,DEVOSOFT,AXIOME produce different versions of the above said version which cna range to upto 40 types of Optical Mark Readers

The difference among the three types lies in

1.The nature and dimensions of paper used for entry n scanning

2.The number of photoelectric sensors used and its efficiency (2,4)

3.The number of reading done for a single sheet for added accuracy( twice,thrice)

4.The size of the machine and software used.(windows based,linux based)

5.The barcode used(128,39,25)

6.Operating temperature and other parameters


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The disadvantage of optical mark reader (OMR) is: In case of collecting large amount of text OMR complicates the data collection.

It means optical mark reader.

Optical Mark Reader (OMR)uses infra-red light to scan marks on prepared forms such as multiple- choice examination answer sheets or lottery tickets.

No, OMR is not a process unit.

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Optical Mark Reader (OMR) is a high-tech data input device integrated optical and electrical technology. It is a powerful tool for speedy automatic data capture, thousands of data bytes per second, several hundreds of times faster than manpower, especially it can work for a long time without break.

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The software and hardware needed to set up OMR will be expensive. If paper gets creased or folded it would be hard to read.

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OMR (Optical Mark Reader): The Optical Mark Reader is a device the "reads" pencil marks on NCS compatible scan forms such as surveys or test answer forms. If that all seems overly technical to you, just think of it as the machine that checks multiple choice computer forms. In this document The Optical Mark Reader will be referred to as the scanner or OMR. The computer test forms designed for the OMR are known as NCS compatible scan forms. Tests and surveys completed on these forms are read in by the scanner, checked, and the results are saved to a file. This data file can be converted into an output file of several different formats, depending on which type of output you desire.

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