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What are the types of generating plants?

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What are three ways that electricity is generated in the US?

Coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric plants, wind generators and solar power plants can be found in the US. There are other types of power generating activities that can also be noted.

Projects involving forest conservation and power generating plants were completed under a program called the?

The program that involved forest conservation and power generating plants was the TVA

How do Nigerians get their electricity?

A little more than half of the electricity generated in Nigeria is produced in hydroelectric generating plants, the remainder by burning fossil fuels in thermal generating plants.

What percentage of electricity in Illinois is produced by nuclear power?

Illinois has several nuclear power plants (see link below) with a total generating capacity of 11,263 MWe. I don't have details of other types of power plants in the state.

Why were nuclear electricity generating plants set up?

To generate electricity.

How much of Colorado's energy is nuclear?

There are no nuclear generating plants in Colorado

What are the types of flowering plants?

There are two types of flowering plants. These two types of flowering plants are the perennials and the annual flowering plants.

What do all power plants have?

One or more steam turbine/generating sets

What are the risk of generating electricity by using nuclear power plants?

The waste is the issue.

What is a highly reactive mineral that is used as a source of atomic energy for bombs and nuclear powered generating plants?

Uranium is a highly reactive mineral that is used as a source of atomic energy for bombs and nuclear powered generating plants

Types of vascular plants?

The types of plants that are vascular plants are: . Horsetails . Ferns . Liverworts

Why are there different types of plants?

For different types of animals that eat plants

What are coal fired power plants used for?

Generating 46% of the electrical power in the US.

What is the name given to the process of generating natural clones in plants and bacteria?

sexual reproductive

What organelles in plants and animals are responsible for providing energy?

In plants, the energy generating organelle is the chloroplast and mitochondria in certain cases. In animals, it is the mitochondria

Where are 3 places on earth that nuclear power plants are located?

Bruce Nuclear Generating Stations- Kincardine, Ontario, Canada Pickering Nuclear Generating Stations- Pickering, Ontario, Canada Darlington Nuclear Generating Station- Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Project involving forest conservation and power generating plants were completed under which program?


How many types of plants are in the desert?

there are over 6000 different types of plants in the desert

How many types of plants?

Scientists have found approximately 250000 different types of plants.

What are the different types of ocean plants?

Kelp, and seaweed are the main types of ocean plants.

What is 2 types of plants?

Plants are highly diverse and their are several types of plants. Two major types of plants are Green Algae ( Charophyceans) and Land Plants.From their plants evolve into:Bryophytes: non-vascular plants: [Ex: liverworts, hornworts, mosses]Next diversifying into 2 types of Vascular Plants (Seedless & Seed)Lycophytes, Pterophytes : Seedless Vascular PlantsGymnosperm, Angiosperms: Seed Vascular Plants

What plants are in the rainforest?

diffrent types of plants

What types of plants are angiosperm?

These are the flowering plants.

What types of plants are in mountain biomes?

There are several types of plants that are in mountain biomes. They are all alpine plants, such as conifers, some shrubs, and other plants.

Types of monocotyledon plants?

four types