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What are the types of plants on Antarctica?

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There are a few plants that live in Antarctica, such as; moss, algae, lichen + more.

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On the continent, there are two types of grasses that grow on the Western side of the Antarctic Peninsula -- the warmest area of the continent. Otherwise, this continent, which covers 10% of the surface of the Earth is covered with an ice sheet -- at least 98% of it is. It's too cold to support botany on Antarctica.

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What types of plants grow in the Antarctica?

Lichens, mosses and fungi are the primary plant life that grows in Antarctica.

What types of plants are in anatartica?

There are naturally occurring plant species in Antarctica

What are some tropical plants in Antarctica?

Antarctica is polar: tropical plants grow in the tropics. There are no tropical plants in Antarctica.

Does antarctica have plants?

Antarctica does not have plants. It's so cold out there.

How do tropical plants grow in Antarctica?

There are no tropical plants in Antarctica. Antarctica is a polar continent and essentially nothing grows there.

How do plants grow in Antarctica?

plants do grow in antarctica but they die before they flower

What types of trees does Antarctica have?

There are no trees in Antarctica.

What plants and wildlife of Antarctica are on land?

The most numerous plants in Antarctica are lichens, which live on rocks mainly in the areas which are ice-free part of the year. There are also mosses, liverworts, and two types of flowering plant, the Pearlwort and the Hair Grass.

What two types of weather does Antarctica have?

Antarctica has more than two types of weather

What types of climate does Antarctica have?

Antarctica is a polar desert.

Are there plants in Antarctica what kinds?

The only plants in Antarctica are a few small shrubs of grass. Research shows that Antarctica used to be warm and blooming with plants of all kinds before it drifted south.

What kind of plants would you see in Antarctica?

No plants! It's just snow and ice in Antarctica and you need soil to grow and make plants.

Which continent has the fewest flowering plants?

Antarctica is the continent that has the fewest flowering plants.

Are there trees and plants in Antarctica?

Two types of grasses grow on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, otherwise there is no botany on the continent. Ninety-eight percent of Antarctica is covered with a permanent ice sheet.

Plants in antarctica?

yes, there are plants in Antarctica! they are almost of Lichens, mosses, Algae, Fungi and also some grass

What plants grow on antarctica?

Well, lichens, mosses, and algaes are one of them, though, not many plants grow in antarctica

What plants grow in the deserts of Europe?

Firstly there are two types of deserts - hotdeserts (like the Sahara) and cold deserts (like Antarctica

What types of shelter is used in antarctica?

the types of shelter used in antarctica by scientists is a special laboratory brought to antarctica. we can also build an igloo for shelter over in antarctica for visitors or anyone.

What types of fish live in Antarctica?

lots of types of fish live in Antarctica such as the ice fish and the krill fish

What are the organism living in Antarctica?

Cold-adapted plants and animals survive there, including penguins, seals, mosses, lichen, and many types of algae

Do plants grow in Antarctica winter?

Only two types of grasses grow on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Otherwise no plants grow on the continent. During winter, this particular part of Antarctica is covered with ice or sleet, so growth does not occur during the winter months.

Are there any plants in Antarctica?

yes there are

What is a pearlwort plants?

a plant in antarctica

How do plants grow in the Antarctica?

They don't

What is an example of commensalism in antarctica?


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