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Q: What are the ukulele chords for 'Hanohano Hanalei'?
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Where can you find the ukulele chords for 'I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper'?

If you can find guitar chords online, then just play those chords but on a ukulele. You will only need to know the fingerings of the chords.

What are the chords for 'What Makes You Beautiful' on ukulele?

The chords are G, C and D :)

What are the chords of Manang Biday on the ukulele?

F G and C arecthe chords only

What are the ukulele chords for 'Rocketeer'?

Ukulele Tabs web site has it at the link below.

How do you transcribe guitar chords to ukulele chords?

The name of the chord is not going to change. Any good ukulele chord chart will help you determine the fingering.

What are the chords on the ukulele for 'Baby' by Justin Bieber?

The chords are D# Cm G# and A# :)

Happy nevershoutnever ukulele notes?

The link below has the links to the ukulele chords for Happy.

Are piano chords the same as ukulele chords?

All chords are the same, they are normally the same notes, how you play them is the challenge.

What are the ukulele chords for 'Fearless'?

The chords are F C Gm A# D#add9 and G7 :)

How do you play 'I'm yours' on the ukulele?

You can find the tabs and chords at Ukulele Hunt at the link below.

Where can you find the ukulele chords for 'This is the First Day of my Life'?

In the 'Related Links' section, there is a link to a website containing the ukulele chords for 'This is the First Day of my Life' by 'Bright Eyes'.

What are the chords to 'What's my Name' on the ukulele?

There are two version available on Chordie. When you go to the bag, you can select chords for the ukulele in C or D tuning on the right side of the page.

What are the ukulele chords for 'I'm Yours'?

The chords are C G Am and F and the strumming pattern is DDUUD.

How do you play 'So Small' by Carrie Underwood on ukulele?

The link below will give you chords and lyrics for the ukulele.

What are the chords on an ukulele?

There are literally hundreds of them, which ones are you interested in? There are chord charts available on most ukulele web sites.

How do you play ukulele chords on a guitar?

Chords are chords and are made up of musical notes. If you consult a chord chart you will learn how to make the appropriate chords for any instrument you use.

What are the ukulele chords for Taylor Swift's song 'Fearless'?

The chords are: F C Gm A# D#add9 and G7

What are the basic chords for the ukulele?

C, D, F, A and G are the simplest, and their 7th chords are pretty easy as well.

What are the notes for 'Happy Nevershoutnever' on guitar?

the ukulele chords are C, G, F, and Em. ( i have no idea what the guitar chords are. srry )

Is the ukulele chords the same flute chords?

A chord is a chord and is made up of the same notes regardless of what instrument you are playing it on.

What are the ukulele chords for Hotel Transylvania?

Hotel Transylvania has a dozen songs in it. You should look for the specific song title you want the chords for.

What are the ukulele chords to 'Overjoyed'?

The link below takes you to a site that has the tabs you are looking for.

How do you play 'Mary had a Little Lamb' on the ukulele?

The chords are G D7 G.

How do you play a song on an ukulele?

Simple play the correct notes or chords for the song. A simple chord chart will provide you with the correct chords to strum.

How do you play 'Valentine' by Kina Grannis on the ukulele?

The chords are A E F#m and D.