This small 4-stringed instrument originated in Hawaii and was based on Portuguese instruments. The instrument has seen a recent resurgence in popularity as more mainstream musicians have incorporated it into their repertoire.

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What 4 notes are tuned on an ukulele?

The current 'standard' or most common tuning is G'CEA also called Reentrant Tuning. Most of the music you find on the internet is based on this tuning.

It has evolved over time, for the most part as music styles have changed. There are at least 3 other tunings that are used by musicians on their ukukleles, including the Slack String tuning, the Low G tuning and the Canadian tuning.
The most common is GCEA, with ADF#B being the next (The second means the same chord shapes can be used but chords played will be a full tone higher in pitch). There are many other tunings, with D G B E - normally being used on a baritone uke. once again the same chord shapes can be used but once again will produce a different pitch.

Many players use their own tunings - too numerous to mention.

Any guitarist should find they can play a uke, the commonest tunings (above) are the same as the first four strings of a guitar with standard tuning - but just in a different key.


Can you use nylon black strings baritone ukulele?

No reason you couldn't, as long as they come in the right lengths and the right notes. Strings are usually available in white, black and brown.


How do you play chords on baritone ukulele?

The same way you play chords on any stringed instrument. You hold the strings down against the frets with your fingers. The pattern you use will depend on the tuning of the instrument. You can find chord charts in almost every ukulele music book or web site that show the specific fingering for specific chords.

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How much is a Violin-Uke worth?

Depends on the manufacturer, condition and what comes with it. I've seen some go for upwards of $200 on ebay and others with starting bids of $20.


How do you play D on the ukulele?

One way on the standard G'CEA tuning, the D chord is created by barring the top three strings at the second fret. The tab would look like this:





Others find it easier to play by stopping all strings at the second fret (with index finger) then also stopping first string at the fifth fret with little finger. The tab would look like this:


XXX0 (only higher stopping of first string is shown - later)




Several advantages to this second way.

1: Some people feel that it is easier.

2: The root note (D) is played twice (1st and 3rd string) and is also LAST note played on downward stroke - and first on upstroke.

3: If D7 is then required - second finger at third fret on first string - replaces little finger at fifth fret, which retains the root note which is still on third string.

4: Fretting all of the stings allows one to control the length of the notes using the 'squeeze' method of damping the strings by pulling the fingers off the fret board.

One of the disadvantages of the second method is that it can make it more difficult to transition to some of the other chord fingerings commonly used. This can be mitigated to some extent by learning alternative methods for other chords.

You'll find the one that works best for you and the music you are playing!


What modern pop song has an ukulele in it?

  • I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  • You and I - Ingrid Michaelson
  • Five Years Time - Noah And The Whale
  • Breakdown - Jack Johnson
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  • Hey Soul Sister - Train
  • Stay Stay Stay - Taylor Swift

How do you tune a 6 string ukulele?

It will have the basic G, C, E, A tuning, with the two additional strings. These are paired with the C and A strings. The second "A" string is tuned to the same note as the other "A" string. The additional "C" string is going to be either an octave up or down. The strings in order will be G, C, C', E, A, A.


Can you use nylon guitar strings on an ukulele?

Most uke strings are already made of nylon. If you try and use nylon guitar strings of the same note for the ukulele, they will be way too long (you can easily cut them though) and way too thick, and if you put them on the extra tension would probably pull the bridge off.

Guitar strings for a specific note are thicker than uke strings. The specific thickness varies with the brand and type. Example: Savarez 520 J classical guitar strings, E=.029, B=.033, G=.041, D=.030. D'Addario Pro Arte uke strings, A=.029, E=.033, C=.041, G=.029.

You could use the guitar E string for the G string on an ukulele to match the size and weight and similar substitutions. But do be careful, particularly if you are not familiar with stringed instruments.


Are all ukuleles the same?

As well as there being hundreds of individual models of ukulele on the market (all of which differ to some degree), no they are not all the same. There are over 690 different brands identified.

More generally, there are four standard sizes of ukulele, the soprano (standard), the concert, the tenor and the baritone. Each is successively larger by an inch or two.


How do you play 'Honey Baby' on ukulele?

The link below will provide the words and tabs for Ukulele.


What brand Ukulele is a good choice?

That depends on how serious you want to get with it. The cost is going to be the deciding factor in most cases. The more you are willing to pay, the better the quality will be. You can get a good ukulele for around $50-$100 that will produce nice sounds and good music for many years.

Here are a number of things to consider:

Size - Soprano, concert, tenor or baritone. The 'normal' size is soprano or standard.

Solid wood has better tones than laminates. However, they are more susceptible to temperature and humidity changes.

Geared tuners vs. Pegged tuners. Personal preference.

Personally, I have found that Kala ukuleles are good quality and produce a nice sound. Other good starters are Lanakai and my favorite, Ohana.


What is harder to learn guitar or ukulele?

It would be difficult to say which was harder. But the guitar has 6 strings and a ukulele only 4. That makes the ukulele easier to learn most of the chords on. Depending on the type of music, it may be easier to learn certain songs on the guitar.


What is an ukulele?

An ukulele is a small four-stringed instrument, similar to a guitar. The ukulele is popular in Hawaii. The word 'ukulele' itself is Hawaiian. It translates to 'jumping flea'. If you have an opportunity to watch a band play in Hawaii, watch for the mini-guitar that is the ukulele! Whenever you see someone dancing the Hula, there will be a ukulele playing the music they are swaying to. You can also see the ukulele in some modern music, such as Train's rendition of "Hey, Soul Sister" or "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

The ukulele is considerably easier to play than the guitar, because it has only four strings. Also, the ukulele has softer strings that did not cut into the fingertips, the way guitar strings do. Having these different strings gives the ukulele a completely different sound than the guitar. While the guitar has a metallic sound, the ukulele sounds warmer and is more suitable for the island music it plays.

If you read guitar music, you will have no problem reading the music for a ukulele. It looks just like the music for a guitar, except it is written with the four dots instead of the six! Chords are instantly recognizable.

I recommend learning the ukulele if you are looking for an easy way to play and learn the guitar. The uke is interchangeable with the guitar, but is far easier than the guitar! The instrument is cheaper to buy, too.

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What are some great songs on ukulele?

It depends a great deal on the genre of music you want to play. Some classic favorites that are often played on the ukulele:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World medley made famous by Brudder Iz.

Hey Soul Sister - by Train

Any of the standard Hawaiian Songs

You can find thousands of songs on YouTube and similar sites to give you ideas and to help you find something you like.


Are the notes for the violin the same on the ukulele?

Yes, notes are the same notes, regardless of the instrument.

If you're referring to standard tuning, then no, the notes are different. For violin, the standard tuning is G3 D4 A4 E5. For ukulele, the standard tuning is G4 C4 E4 A4.


Why does my ukulele go out of tune so often?

It could very well be the tuning pegs. It could also be the strings.

At the end of your tuning pegs there should be screw heads. Use a properly sized screwdriver to tighten those up just a bit. Be careful! You do not want to over tighten! But that increases the friction and should help hold the tuning better.

If the strings are fairly new, they have to 'stretch' into a point of equilibrium. If this is the case, it should settle out after a couple weeks. Temperature swings can also have an effect.


How would you describe the playing position of the ukulele?

Each person does it a bit differently, but in general the ukulele is held high on the chest with the right arm being almost parallel to the ukulele and the left hand on the frets at almost a right angle.


Who is the ukulele girl on 'Scrubs' season 8 episode 8?

The Ukulele Girl is Kate Micucci. She is half of the duo Garfunkle & Oates that has a lot of videos on YouTube that are rather funny.


How long does it take to get an ukulele?

It depends on whether you order a standard mass produced model or a custom made one. In most cases the ukulele will be shipped within a few days of order. If you order a custom made one, it will take 6 to 8 weeks once the luthier starts. Some makers have waiting lists of many years.


Can a single ukulele be played left-handed and right-handed?

You could set up the strings to play a standard ukulele with either hand. In order to mirror image the uke, you would have to place the strings in reverse order. It would not work as well with a 'cut-away' version of the Ukulele, as the cut out would be on the wrong side of the neck for a left handed person. I'm sure you could find left-handed cut-away versions from a good luthier.

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What is a 'uke'?

The true definition of of 'Uke' is actually 'Receiver' which is related to something called 'Seme' which is 'attacker'. Both Uke and Seme are involved in homosexual relationships, Mainly in Yaoi and Yuri. Seme is the dominate one (the one on top) and uke is the one on the bottom.


Where did the ukulele originate?

The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of a small guitar-like instrument called a machete or braguinha brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants from the islands of Madeira. They were coming to work in the sugar cane fields and the group included 3 individuals that became instrument makers.

The first ukuleles were made in Hawaii. They were made by Portuguese immigrants as early as 1879. They were based on similar instruments that were found in Portugal.


How does an ukulele make sound?

strings. vibration. pluck the darn thing and see what it does


How do you play 'Follow' by Uncle Kracker on ukulele?

The link below will take you to a page with the tabs. You may have to join the web site to see the whole page.


What does a wavy line mean in ukulele tabs?

It means arpeggio. It is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played in sequence, one after the other, rather than ringing out as when you do a normal strum. It tends to give a fuller sound and the sustain lasts longer.

There is an arrow on one end of the wavy line, which means you strum in that direction. It does make a big difference! I use the fleshy part of my thumb for those going down and my index finger coming up.


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