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Frederick, I read it on a warped tour review on

The other one that he used in the video to "Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater" I haven't seen much of.

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Soprano Ukulele.

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Q: What is Christopher Drew of Nevershoutnever's ukulele named?
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What is nevershoutnevers last name?

the singers full name is christofer drew ingle.

What is nevershoutnevers birthday?

You might be thinking of Christopher Drew Ingle, his birthday is February 11th 1991. There is more then Chris in nevershoutnever, there are 6 members including Chris.Caleb Denison - lead guitarNathan Ellison - drumsTaylor MacFee - bassDustin Dobernig - keyboards, violinHayden Kaiser - percussion, tambourine, djembe, xylophoneChristopher Drew Ingle - singer

Where does Christopher Drew get his clothes?

It is not known where Christopher Drew gets his clothes. Christopher Drew is apart of the band, Never Shout Never.

What is Christopher Drew's full name?

It's Christopher Drew Ingle

Who is Christopher Drew Ingles girlfriend?

Christopher Drew's lngles girlfriend is Alison

What kind of ukulele does Christofer Drew from never shout never play?

The picture on his web site shows a ukulele that does not have a logo on the head. It doesn't have a recognizable shape that might identify it. It may very well be a custom made ukulele. I think it is a tenor size, but it could be a concert size.

When was Christopher Drew Ingle born?

Christopher Drew Ingle was born on February 11, 1991.

How many Bands is Christopher Drew in?

Christopher Drew happens to be in Two different bands; NeverShoutNever,