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What are the unstated perks US Senators receive?


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Reports of wounded soldiers recovering in mold-ridden rooms at Walter Reed Army Medical Center led to Congressional hearings this year. But those conditions are a far cry from the treatment members of Congress receive when they visit Walter Reed. Lawmakers get a special entrance and basically they get a higher standard of care than veterans who've put their lives on the line," says Pete Sepp with the National Taxpayers Union. When they visit Walter Reed, members of Congress are escorted to Ward 72 in what is called the "golden elevator." The seventh floor ward is decorated with crystal chandeliers, silver tea sets, antique furniture and original artwork. Food is served on fine china. All of the items have been donated. Members of Congress and their staffs can visit the Capitol's attending physician (who is on the congressional payroll) whenever they want, whether it's for an emergency or a simple, free flu shot. Do you have health insurance? Millions of Americans live without it while members of Congress have just about the best health plans available. They're the most exclusive gyms in the country, and they're paid for with your tax dollars. One private gym offers services to the 435 members of U.S. Congress, and another facility is restricted to the 100 members of the U.S. Senate. Members of Congress can park just about anywhere they want in the District and never worry about getting a parking ticket. Members of Congress can retire earlier than most federal employees. They can retire with a full pension at age 60. Members of Congress can collect their pensions even if they leave office to go directly to jail. Senators and House members don't ever have to worry about finding a parking space at local airports because they have private lots at both Ronald Reagan Washington National and Dulles International. From: WTOP


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